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Chronicles of the Going Home Club (Blu-ray)
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Chronicles of the Going Home Club (Blu-ray)

A funny anime series that breaks the fourth wall and more with plenty of bizarre humor.

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After reviewing the recent Genshiken release from NIS America, I noticed that their next title would be another comedy anime series dealing with a club that has fun and eccentric characters. That release is finally here with twelve episodes on two Blu-ray discs in Chronicles of the Going Home Club, that features five funny females that serve up some slice of life along with plenty of laughs.

Our comedic adventure begins with a new high school student named Natsuki Ando that doesn’t care about joining any of the after school clubs held there. She has a best friend named Karin Touno and jokes with her about being part of the “going home club” where she just goes home after school, but Karin lets her know that such a club actually exists and the two decide to join it. Little do the two of them know that the three girls that run it, Sakura Domyouji, Botan Ohagi and Claire Kokonoe all have some crazy quirks that will turn their lives upside down.

Despite the cute but deadly Botan being from a martial arts family and fighting bears to train herself, the mostly normal but energetic Sakura that leads the club, and the rich Claire who will buy her friends an entire store just so they can get what they want, Natsuki and Karin find themselves fitting in nicely. The gang soon goes on one crazy adventure after another, whether it’s helping Botan find different bears to fight against and improve her martial art skills, or just being amazed at everything they bring to the table (especially Karin’s cooking), they’re always getting into something. Add in a cute but weird baby seal as their mascot and sometimes narrates the show, and the fact everyone knows they’re in an anime and continually breaks the fourth wall by talking to you the viewer, and you have one fun show on your hands.

I had a time watching this series, as the comedy was very spot on. It’s hard to explain and has to be seen to fully understand it (or at least try to), but trust me when I say it’s pretty funny. It’s also nice when things calm down some and mixes in some slice of life elements that help to really bring the characters and show together. Watching this unfold in high definition was a plus as the details, colors and animation are shown without a hitch. The audio is just as great with every piece of fun Japanese dialogue coming through loud and clear.

There’s also some pretty cool bonus content included here such as the clean opening and closings from the episodes, Japanese Trailers of the show, and even some fun clips showing the gang in CG in the “Going Home Club Miniature Theater”. To make things even better, the premium box set comes in a hardcover box to hold the disc cases along with the full-color, 64-page hardcover art book featuring detailed character bios, interviews with the cast and staff, original letters from the voice actors, and some very nice illustrations.

Chronicles of the Going Home Club is one of those shows where you have to see it to believe just how zany and wacky it is. It rarely takes itself seriously while throwing out all sorts of jokes and humor that may fly by some that view it, but they will still enjoy the ride. If you’re looking for the next fun anime series to check out, you’ll want this to be in your Blu-ray collection club for sure.

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