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Chihayafuru Season 2: Complete Collection
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Chihayafuru Season 2: Complete Collection

Those who enjoyed the card flinging action of the first season will find more intense matches here.

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Leave it to Japan to make any kind of sport or competition fast-paced and exciting as they did in the first season to Chihayafuru. Chihaya and her friends are back once again to climb their way to the top of the karuta charts in Chihayafuru Season 2: Complete Collection. Featuring 25 more episodes of intense karuta matches along with some equally intense drama, fans of the series will want to get their cards ready for this one.

Taking place not long after the events of the previous season, Chihaya is still determined to be the best karuta player there is and is forever training to become a master. As the new semester at school begins, her Mizusawa karuta club is looking to build up their forces by recruiting some new members which will also allow them to keep their club meeting space. Sadly as the recruitment process goes on, it turns out there are few people who are willing to put in the time and effort to be on par with Chihaya and the others, which places the club in a bad spot. Add in some more drama in the form of a new girl named Sumire who is looking to make Taichi her boyfriend after breaking up with her previous one, and the team fighting their way through stressful tournaments, and you got one crazy season of anime that will push Chihaya and company in all sorts of ways.

Just when I thought the first season of this show was zany enough, here comes this one that takes everything to new heights. As if the emotions and karuta matches weren’t intense enough from before, they’ve been cranked up even more as viewers are sure to feel like they’re on the edge of their seats as each episode goes by with Chihaya and her club dealing with one dramatic situation after another. Everything looks and sounds great as with the previous season thanks to Sentai Filmworks doing a good job with its Blu-ray transfers. Outside of some clean opening and closing animations along with a few trailers for other Sentai Filmworks releases, there’s not much in the way of special features sadly.

If you enjoyed the first season and are looking for more intense drama and karuta matches, you’ll want to get your game face on for Chihayafuru Season 2: Complete Collection. Everything has been cranked up for more drama and feels and of course faster paced matches that hold nothing back as all the cards are on the table (or the floor in this case) in this season.

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