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Cars 3
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Cars 3

A worthy follow-up entry in the series that families will race for.

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Saying that I’m a Disney/Pixar fan is a huge understatement, as I usually love anything they work on (save for a few misses here and there…*cough* The Good Dinosaur *cough*). While I thought Cars 2 was a decent movie, it sadly left a bad taste in the mouths of most who saw it. It appears the famed companies took these criticisms to heart, as they’re put the pedal to the metal in Cars 3. It’s essentially what Cars 2 should’ve been, and crosses the finish line of drama and comedy nearly as fast as the first film did.

While he’s still hanging in there, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) isn’t getting any faster in his faces or younger for that matter. This becomes painfully apparent as more and more of his friends and rivals begin to retire after being beat by a younger, faster generation of racing cars, starting with the smug Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) who easily speeds by Lightning and all the other cars like it’s nothing. This leads to Lightning wanting to take some time to train harder and become faster than he’s ever been, but this proves to be quite difficult. His sponsors go all out and sell their company to a younger team with bigger and better training facilities for him to train in, and he meets his new boss Sterling (Nathan Fillion) and his new trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo).

After having his training fall apart there, Lightning goes back home to Radiator Springs where his old friends help him muster the courage to race again and push himself to the limit. Cruz decides to stick with him while also learning a thing or two about racing as they get into one misadventure after another as they train to head to Florida for the championship.

To say anymore would ruin the touching moments that happen during and after this adventure. Some may not care for the new characters and how a few of them force their way into the spotlight here, but I didn’t mind as I felt the movie came together fairly well, but not without its faults. Even still, I enjoyed it as I’m sure most families will, and even more so on Blu-ray with high definition bringing out all the visual and audio details that pull you into the fun. There’s also a nice collection of special features you can pull into the pit stop with, starting with audio commentary with director Brian Fee, creative director Jay Ward, and producers Kevin Reher and Andrea Warren. Here they discuss what went into the overall production, the characters both new and old, and more. Being a sucker for animated shorts, I enjoyed Pixar’s latest one titled “Lou” that features a collection of lost and found items at a kids school that comes to life and teaches a bully there a lesson in kindness. I found this short to be touching and easily the best extra out of the bunch.

There’s also plenty more features that go behind the scenes including a five-part documentary of sorts, and even goes into the voices of the characters, such as “Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car That Could” that details the design of Cruz and how Cristela Alonzo went about voicing her, along with some deleted scenes and more. If you’re looking for a fun time at the races for you and the family, you’ll want to start your engines and pick up Cars 3 on Blu-ray. It features a fun story, even crazier characters, and a nice blend of drama and comedy that’s sure to speed its way into your heart.

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