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Captain Marvel
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Captain Marvel

One of Marvel’s most powerful characters comes home for families to cheer for.

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Feels like it was only a few weeks ago when me and some of the Popzara staff went to the theater and saw Captain Marvel. I have to admit we all had a good time as it turned out to be a sleeper hit. Now the fun comes home with the Captain Marvel Blu-ray that brings all the cosmic power fans and their families can handle.

Our own Christian Stirling had a cosmic powered blast with this film as well, and you can check out his review of the theatrical release as I go over this home video one. This is available on 4K and standard Blu-ray discs, but I was sent the standard one for review. As I did at the movies, I had a good time watching this again as it was more fun this time around thanks to having family over to see it. The action and humor is spot on, as are the emotional moments that we’ve come to expect from the Marvel Universe.

I’m sure this film looks and sounds outstanding on 4K, but the standard Blu-ray is no slouch either as the visuals and audio are amazing and detailed, which is a plus when it comes to the Marvel action fans know and love. Once the space dust settles, you can head over to the special features which you’ll find plenty of. First there’s audio commentary with writers/directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck as they discuss the production of the film and more.

“Becoming a Superhero” shows off Brie Larson and the physical training she went through for the role, “Big Hero Moment” goes over Captain Marvel’s origins and such, “The Origin of Nick Fury” says it all. “The Skrulls and the Kree” sheds some light on the warring aliens, “Hiss-Sterical Cat-Titude” is a fun segment about Goose the cat, there’s some deleted scenes and lastly my favorite, a gag reel showing off some of the crazy things and mistakes that happen on set.

If you’re looking for some superhero action, Captain Marvel is a good place to start with its awesome 90’s throwback setting, cool characters (young Nick Fury is fun), and loads of special features to check out. Just make sure your movie collection can handle the cosmic power you’ll be placing on the shelf with this release.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell