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C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Cute but deadly girls cause all sorts of mayhem in this dark but fun series.

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I didn’t know what to expect when I received C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious: The Complete Series to review. At first glance, I thought it was going to be twelve episodes and a bonus OVA of an anime that is completely dark and serious. But it’s good to know that while it is dark and serious for the most part, there’s also a nice amount of fun and laughs to be had for those who like a bit of sweet to go along with their sour.

The main character us Haruaki Yachi, a high school boy that’s somehow highly resistant to curses or being cursed. His father is always testing this by sending Haruaki cursed instruments in an effort to break this effect. One day a black cube arrives as his place, and while he ignores it at first, later that night a naked silver-haired girl shows up and steals some of his food. Turns out she is the black cube and is named Fear, a cursed object that is a living weapon and has done some sick and twisted things in her past that come to light later on in the series. Of course there are more cursed objects out there that others are using for evil purposes, and it’s up to Haruaki and Fear to stop them and perhaps win some of them over to their side, if Fear doesn’t chase them all away with her obnoxious attitude or her frightening abilities.

It was nice to see a harem-lite series for a change that’s not quite a full blown harem but has enough elements of one to sort of count. The odd mix of comedy and seriousness reminded me a lot of the classic anime Elfen Lied, and if anyone has seen how fun but violent that series is, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from this one. Seeing how the characters try to make their way through both the light and dark moments (filled with plenty of fanservice too) was always a joy to watch, and the visuals and sounds are spot on in high definition. The special features section is a little on the short side, as there’s just clean opening and closing credit scenes, along with some trailers for other titles.

C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious: The Complete Series is both a mouthful and a mindful of wackiness and darkness that mixes to the two just the right way to keep viewers interested to the very end. It’s a little light on extras, but the show is more than enough to keep you busy and freaked out to warrant a spot on your anime shelf right next to Elfen Lied and any other similar anime.

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