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Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies (DVD)
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Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies (DVD)

A fun release featuring super-powered adventures with these undersea buddies.

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Kids and their families will be happy to know Nickelodeon has released another fun-filled DVD release of undersea adventures with the Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies DVD. Featuring five episodes packed with all kinds of different adventures, children and their families are bound to have a super good time with this disc.

Starting off the fun is the episode this release is named after titled “Super Guppies” that has Molly and Gil bringing a comic book to school that Mr. Grouper reads to the class. Needless to say, the kids are more than excited to hear about ‘The Super Adventures of Guppy Girl and Bubble Boy’ as these superheroes save the day and inspire them to be super. “In X Marks the Spot”, Molly and Gil come across a pirate on their way to school who is looking for some buried treasure. After receiving a map from the pirate that will lead to the treasure, the guppies become honorary pirates and set off to find the lost treasure, all while learning about pirates and their life along the way. There’s also plenty more fun with the other episodes that deal with fun ghosts at a house party, the guppies helping to keep the city safe with police, and more.

Watching this alongside some of my younger cousins, we had a good time viewing the fun-filled episodes here. We always enjoy watching the Nick Jr releases together and this one was no different. I liked how the episodes tried to tie in with some of the popular movies right now, such as superhero films, the new Pirates movie, and so on. While this release lacks any special features, the five episodes are more than enough to keep kids entertained.

Those looking for a good, educational DVD for their kids to watch while having some fun viewing it along with them can’t go wrong with  Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies. These action-packed adventures that are themed after some of the hottest Hollywood flicks are a blast to check out and are sure to make you and the young ones feel super.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell