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Brothers Conflict: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Brothers Conflict: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

A fun reverse harem that any anime romance lovers will enjoy.

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While the anime universe is filled with plenty of harem series out there, aka the ones where one guy is surrounded by loads of beautiful ladies, there isn’t many reverse ones that focus on a lady being surrounded by guys. Most anime fans will mention the classic Fruits Basket that made this rare genre popular. Now we come to Funimation’s Brothers Conflict: The Complete Series that features all twelve episodes plus an OVA along with some nice extras that will show viewers what brotherly love is all about.

Based off some popular Japanese visual novel games, this series stars the young and lovely Ema Hinata who is the only daughter of a famous guy in Japan. Being an only child living with her dad has been a little tough on her, but she soon learns that her father is marrying a successful clothes maker named Miwa Asahina who has thirteen sons. Not wanting to disturb her father and new stepmother, Ema decides it would be nice to move out and live with her new brothers in a super mansion called Sunrise Residence that’s owned by her stepmom. What she wasn’t counting on or expecting is that one by one the brothers start falling in love with her, leading to all sorts of hijinks and conflicts that spread throughout the twelve episodes and the bonus OVA episode.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a funny harem anime, let alone a reverse one. So watching the zany plot of Brothers Conflict unfold was quite the treat. While the brothers play out many of the anime stereotypes out there, like the cool, quiet guy to the fun, outgoing type, it’s still neat to see them do their best to win Ema’s heart. The high definition of this release is a nice plus, as the visuals and audio come in nicely, especially the awesome voices from both the Japanese and English dubs. The special features here include audio commentaries by some of the Funimation cast and crew on select episodes, commercials and trailers, and the clean opening and closing for the show.

Brothers Conflict: The Complete Series is a nice change of pace for those who enjoy a good harem romp. A nice cast of characters and the comedic misadventures they have make this fun to watch while the extras on here round out a nice box set that makes the only conflict of where to place it in your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell