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Bones: The Flesh and Bones Collection (DVD)
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Bones: The Flesh and Bones Collection (DVD)

The complete hit series comes home that’s sure to tickle your crime-solving and funny bones.

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I’ve been a fan of David Boreanaz since his Buffy/Angel days of the late 90’s. While I wish the Angel TV series could’ve ended on a better note, I’m glad David was able to find another hit show to be on with Bones. Thanks to seeing some episodes here and there with my family that loves to binge watch it on streaming services, I slowly but surely began to fall under the show’s spell and recently became a fan. Now thanks to our friends at Fox, I’m able to not only see it from the beginning, but watch the entire twelve season run with the Bones: The Flesh and Bones Collection DVD boxset. Fans and newcomers alike can experience the 200+ episodes that aired over 12 years on 67 discs of crime solving fun that will tickle your bones in all the right ways.

Based on Kathy Reichs series of books, Bones follows the lives of FBI agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and forensic expert Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan (Emily Deschanel) as they team up with other specialists to solve gruesome crimes using forensic technology and good old fashioned police work involving interrogating suspects and occasionally some action-packed moments of taking criminals down. A lot of the show’s humor comes from Brennan being a human robot of sorts as she’s really good at book smarts, analyzing corpses and such, but not so good at common sense, social skills, etc. After some serious but often times comedic headbutting, it isn’t long before Booth and Brennan develop feelings for one another, as well as some of their teammates forming their own bonds that makes the series such a joy to watch, as these bonds are always tested with each crazy crime they come across.

If you love shows such as Law and Order and CSI, you’ll fit in nicely with viewing Bones as it takes some of the best things from all police procedurals and combines them into one of the greatest shows that’s aired on TV. The chemistry between the cast is impeccable and is the greatest reason why the series stayed on for twelve years. I love it when a show gets better as it goes on and this one is right up there with the best of them. The visuals and audio are good here for DVD standards, but it makes me wish this was a Blu-ray set as I’d love to see this entire show in high definition.

Seeing that this is a massive set, you can already imagine there’s an equally massive amount of special features from every season, from audio commentary on selected episodes, to gag reels and deleted scenes. There’s also some other neat ones such as “Back To The Lab: A Bones Retrospective” that revisits what makes the show so great, a fun “Bones at Comic-Con” that has the cast having a good time there with fans, and tons of behind the scenes features that will keep viewers happy for a very long time.

Fans of the show will have most likely picked this one up, but if you’re a newcomer that loves crime solving shows and don’t have access to a streaming service, then the Bones: The Flesh and Bones Collection set is for you. Featuring some of the best chemistry of a TV show cast in quite awhile, along with some equally fun and terrifying action scenes and comedic moments, this is one series you’ll want to check out, no bones about it.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell