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Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection
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Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection

An interesting mix of slice of life and space pirate life that’s truly bodacious.

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I always find it amazing how Japan can mix all sorts of genres in its anime and make something interesting, well sometimes anyway. A perfect example is the Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection released be Sentai Filmworks that mixes slice of life stuff with being a pirate in space and the duties that come with it to make something different and fun to watch.

In the future, mankind has finally made its way into space where space travel and living is commonplace. Enter the life of Marika Kato, who is happy doing well in school and attending the yacht club there. One day she learns her father was the head of a pirate ship and has supposedly died, leaving the crew and the ship in her hands. So just like that her life gets turned upsides down as she now has to balance schoolwork and leading the crew in one slice of life adventure after another.

If you thought this was going to be some action-packed, space pirate action/comedy series, welcome to the club as I thought the same thing. I was pleasantly shocked to find out it wasn’t, but instead focuses on Marika doing her best to keep her school stuff in check while also handling all of the pirate business her father left behind. They’re not even your typical pirates as they’re sanctioned by the government to do things, and even have to get approval and receive licenses to do anything.

That adds another deep and slightly complicated layer to the series that also makes it more interesting to see how things play out between school and pirate life, each with its challenges and successes. Add in a well-rounded cast of characters forming the crew and Marika’s friends, and you’re in for a good time.

The visuals and audio are great, and the special features are light with clean opening and closing animations, but the 26 episodes here are the real highlight of Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection. Check this one out and be pleasantly surprised as I was with its interesting mix of slice of life drama for school and space pirate work that’s sure to shiver your timbers with fun.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell