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Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack (DVD)
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Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack (DVD)

Nick Jr. releases a three pack of fun for kids that educates and entertains.

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I’ve known about Blue’s Clues ever since it came to TV back in the mid 90’s. I’ll be honest and admit that while channel surfing back then my TV would land on the show and I’d check it out from time to time due to it having a more tamer Pee-Wee’s Playhouse kind of feel to it. While the show ended back in 2007, Blue is here to stay and she’s back along with her pals Steve and Joe in not one, not two, but three discs of DVD fun and learning that span twelve episodes in the Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack. Running at over four hours of edutainment goodness, kids and their families are sure to enjoy this set.

The first disc titled “Alphabet Power” has four episodes from the show dealing with letters and writing. Whether it’s Blue learning about or playing around with letters in the episodes “The Power of the Alphabet” and “The Alphabet Train”, or learning about writing in “Let’s Write!” and getting messages from her best friend in “Magenta’s Messages”, Blue is always into something fun.

In disc two, “Blue Takes You To School”, kids get to learn about reading and math this time around. In the episode the disc is named after, Blue goes to school and has all sorts of fun while giving viewers a look at how school is. “Numbers Everywhere” and “Math!” deals with introducing kids to different numbers and how to use math with them, while “Blue’s ABCs: Pre-Reading” helps children with early reading skills as only Blue and her clues can.

The third disc,”Shapes and Colors”, wraps up the fun by introducing children to art and such. “Shape Searchers” and “Colors Everywhere!” teach kids about different colors and shapes, while “Adventures in Art” and “What Does Blue Want to Make?” shows how colors and shapes can come together to form some pretty wonderful things, especially with Blue being involved.

Watching these DVDs, I noticed how everything came in great both audio and visual wise. I’m even glad to announce that there’s plenty of special features to go along with the four and a half hours of content. There’s all sorts of interactive games to play on the discs, such as “Doodle, Doodle…Spell!” and “Blue’s School Search”, bonus Oobi shorts, and even stuff for parents such as “Nicktrition Tips for Parents” and more.

Nickelodeon has really outdone themselves with the Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack, as there’s plenty of things to learn and do for both kids and their families. Parents who are looking for something good to help their pre-schoolers ease into school and the things they will learn there will want to get a clue and pick this set up.

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