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Bloom Into You: Complete Collection
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Bloom Into You: Complete Collection

Yuri fans will want to plant themselves near this beautiful looking series.

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It’s not often I get to check out any of the Yuri anime titles out there, but the ones I’ve seen have been pretty good. The latest one on my list is the Sentai Filmworks release of Bloom Into You: Complete Collection. If you’re looking for a beautiful looking and deeply moving Yuri title, you’ll want to give this blossoming series a look.

The story follows the life of a young lady named Yuu Koito, who thinks falling in love with a guy will be the greatest thing in the world. This doesn’t turn out to be the case as she goes out on a date with a male classmate and there’s no spark whatsoever. She then learns she’s not the only one at school that feels this way, as she finds out the student council president, Touko Nanami, had the same thing happen to her. Yuu asks for Touko’s help to get out of the relationship, only to find out Touko has feelings for her as she in turn begins to feel things stirring around inside her heart.

It doesn’t take long for Yuu to join the student council and for her and Touko’s feelings to bloom into something more. The show then goes into the struggles and good times that come with being in a relationship as the two have to decide to continue on this path they’re going on together, no matter where it leads. If you’re into Yuri or just romantic shows at all, you’ll have a nice time with this series as I did. It was always fun and exciting to see where Yuu and Touko would end up next, whether it was something good or sad.

It also helps that the artwork and animation are pretty good for the series which is made even better thanks to a high-definition Blu-ray release. This ensures everything is seen and heard nicely as you’re watching these two go about their lives and relationship. There’s not much in the way of special features, but there’s the usual clean opening and closing animations, along with some original Japanese promotional videos for the show to go through.

Fans of Yuri and great romance anime will want to plant themselves close to Bloom Into You: Complete Collection as it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen. Great artwork, lovely characters, and touching slice-of-life stories combine to give viewers a bouquet of happiness.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell