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Blaze and the Monster Machines: Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island (DVD)
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Blaze and the Monster Machines: Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island (DVD)

Blaze and his friends are back for wild racing action and putting their S.T.E.M skills to use.

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Nickelodeon and their Nick Jr. lineup is still going strong with teaching kids all sorts of helpful skills to give them a head start on their schoolwork, especially with S.T.E.M and using it to solve problems. One show makes learning these skills fun and easy with it’s latest DVD release, Blaze and the Monster Machines: Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island. With Blaze and his buddies returning for more racing action and using S.T.E.M to solve all sorts of problems, kids and adults will benefit and enjoy this collection of four episodes from the hit series.

Starting off with “Animal Island”, Blaze and his friends travel to…you guessed it…Animal Island, which transforms him and his friends into animal-themed trucks upon arriving there. They’ll need their animal instincts along with some problem solving skills to stop the evil Lazard the lizard-truck from stealing the powers of other animal vehicles there. In “Toucan Do It”, Blaze and his friends take a trip to Animal Stadium, where they’re getting ready for a fun game of Jungle Ball. While there, they come across a friendly toucan-truck named Tooks who plays the game really well, and Blaze gets her on his team to really spice things up. “The Big Ant-venture” has Blaze and Zeg going on a trip to Insect City and helping a firefly family find one of their eggs that got lost, and lastly in “Falcon Quest”, Blaze learns to transform into a falcon back on Animal Island and uses his new abilities to compete in the Super Sky Race.

This collection of episodes is just as fun as the previous releases, as kids and their families will learn S.T.E.M related skills and enjoy the adventures of Blaze and the gang. On a fun note, country music stars Kelsea Ballerini and Billy Ray Cyrus also make appearances on the show, with with Ballerini starring as Tooks the toucan, and Billy Ray Cyrus as the evil Lazard. It’s always fun when celebrities guest star on animated shows, and these two fit surprisingly well in their roles here. The visuals and sound are good for what DVD allows, but maybe one day we’ll get to see this show in high def outside of watching it on cable. There’s sadly no extra features, but these episodes should be more than enough for those who watch.

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island is another great collection of episodes that children and their families will find themselves enjoying while also learning valuable problem solving skills thanks to the S.T.E.M skills put to use throughout the episodes. If you and the kids love Blaze and learning made fun, you’ll want to drive like a wild animal and pick this one up for a racing good time.

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