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Blaze and the Monster Machines: Heroes of Axle City
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Blaze and the Monster Machines: Heroes of Axle City

Blaze and company are back for another round of educational fun that kids and parents will enjoy.

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You can’t keep a good truck (or kids show) down on Nick Jr, as Blaze and his buddies are back again in their latest DVD collection, Blaze and the Monster Machines: Heroes of Axle City. This one contains four episodes of learning fun and even features a double-length episode that kids and their parents are sure to start their engines for.

Whether it’s transforming into a tow truck, saving the city from various troubles, or going on a pirate adventure, you can bet Blaze and his friends will come out on top while teaching children valuable lessons dealing with teamwork, problem solving, and more. Such as in “Tow Truck Tough” that has Blaze transform into a tow truck to help out Stripes and Crusher, “Light Riders” features Blaze and his friends lighting up the night as they race around town trying to stop a kangaroo from taking all of the light from the city, “Rocket Ski Rescue” has Crusher getting into trouble after he uses rockets to cheat in a race and it falls on Blaze and AJ to save him. Saving the best for last is the double-length episode “Race to the Top of the World” Here Blaze and his friends take on their wildest race yet as they go around the world and find themselves running into pirates, a Sphinx, and of course Crusher and his traps.

The episodes here were great, but that last one was definitely the best of the bunch thanks to guest voices by Anthony Anderson (Black-ish) as Pegwheel the Pirate and Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) as the Sphinx. Being a double-length episode and having those two along for the ride spiced up the fun big time as me and my young cousins had a blast watching the big race and adventures Blaze went on. Since this a DVD release, the picture and audio were good enough, but not as clear or clean as it is when it’s on Nick Jr HD. There’s also a lack of any extras, but these episodes are more than enough to keep kids and their parents entertained for a bit.

The Blaze and the Monster Machines: Heroes of Axle City DVD is a fun ride for kids and their families as watching Blaze and his pals go on one adventure after another while also learning some lessons is always a blast. While I’m hoping that one day Nickelodeon makes the full jump to Blu-ray releases, this release has just enough action and adventure to keep those wheels spinning.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell