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Blaze and The Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar (DVD)
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Blaze and The Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar (DVD)

Blaze is back with more S.T.E.M. fueled action in Nick Jr’s latest release.

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Blaze and The Monster Machines is one of those shows you wish was around when you were a kid. It’s filled with fun and cool looking characters while also teaching all sorts of different S.T.E.M. aspects such as how balance and weight works, math mixed with science to solve problems, and then some. I’m glad it’s here now to teach a new generation of kids (and even their families) in its latest DVD release, Blaze and The Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar. It’s a bit on the short side with four episodes, but there’s more than enough action to keep any viewer busy learning.

From the looks of it. most of these episodes have a dinosaur or monster theme to them. In “Zeg and the Egg” Zeg, Blaze and AJ stumble across a dinosaur egg that they have to take back to its mother. “Dino Dash” has Blaze, AJ and Zeg getting blasted by a geyser and landing in a distant mud pit they’ll have to use engineering skills to find a way out of. “Gasquatch” features Blaze and his friends meeting a friendly but misunderstood truck named Gasquatch. Most of the citizens of Axle City are afraid of him, but when a terrible storm threatens them, Gasquatch may be their only hope. In the final episode of this collection “Dragon Island Duel”, Blaze and Crusher race each other on a tropical island called (yup) Dragon Island. Anyone who has seen the show already knows Crusher is going to do his best to cheat and mess up Blaze at every turn, which just makes Blaze and AJ come out stronger than ever.

It’s always fun to check out these newer Nick Jr programs, even if you’re not the target audience. The characters are fun and awesome, and learning how to solve problems with S.T.E.M. solutions is always a plus. As with their previous releases, Nickelodeon has done a great job on the video and audio presentation by DVD standards. There’s even a special feature here called “Blaze of Glory Video Storybook” which is a pretty neat extra for kids as it teaches them how to read while being fun doing so.

Kids and their families can’t go wrong with the Blaze and The Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar DVD, as the characters and the fun adventures they go on are great for anyone at any age. So get ready to rev up your engine and zoom to a store near you for this one, as it’s easily a keeper for your family collection.

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