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The Marvel film that started it all is back and ready to have a 4K night out on the town.

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Ahh yes, Blade. The film that receives little to no credit for starting the Marvel film franchise. Me and some friends had a great time watching it in theaters back when it was released, and I’m happy to say it stills holds up in the 4K UHD home release of Blade. Fans of the Marvel comic character and/or fun action films will want to sink their fangs into this one.

Wesley Snipes stars as the half-vampire, half-human Blade, who has all of the powers of a vampire but with none of their weaknesses. For example, he can walk in sunlight without burning to a crisp, which leads to other vampires dubbing him the “daywalker”. With an intense hatred for them for killing his mother, he becomes a vampire hunter with the help of Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) who has hunted them for quite some time.

Meanwhile the vampires and their houses are trying to keep the fragile peace they have between themselves and the humans, but an upstart named Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) is tired of the old way of doing things and is looking to become a vampire lord with the power to take over the world and also be immune to sunlight. Of course Blade isn’t about to let this happen, and with Abraham and a hematologist named Karen Jenson (N’Bushe Wright) at his side, they’ll have to do all they can and then some to stop Deacon and his plan before all is lost.

I had forgotten just how cool and fun this movie was as I hadn’t seen it for some time. Wesley Snipes fits the role perfectly as though he were born to play it as he captures the strong, stoic Blade while still showing emotion and even some humor when needed. It also helps that everyone else is having a fun time with their roles, especially Kris Kristofferson who is awesome as Whistler, and Stephen Dorff that goes all out as the main villain.

Thanks to the awesome 4K UHD visuals with HDR color, the movie looks way better than when I saw it at the theater. There are some minor artifacts here and there when the picture changes from light to dark rapidly (aka the rave scene at the beginning), but everything looks pretty solid for the most part. The high-definition audio is a welcomed plus as every line and action-packed punch, gunshot, sword slash, and explosion will rock through your sound system nicely.

There’s also a few special features starting with some audio commentaries that feature Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, writer David Goyer, cinematographer Theo Van De Snede, production designer Kirk Petruccelli, and producer Peter Frankfurt discussing the film and what went into making it. Music fans will be happy to know there’s an isolated score by composer Mark Isham.

Some older extras from the DVD and Blu-ray release make their way here, such as a featurette that goes into the making of the film, another that goes into the production design, one discussing the comic book origins of Blade, and a few others.

Blade is still a fun movie that holds up great after all these years thanks to solid characters, action-packed scenes, and a great soundtrack. All of these elements are made even better in 4K with HDR color and sweet Dolby HD sound that sharpens this blade to near perfection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell