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Black Butler: Book of Murder (Blu-ray)
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Black Butler: Book of Murder (Blu-ray)

A great but short romp for fans of the series and good mysteries.

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As stated in my previous Black Butler review, I’m a huge fan of the series as it takes good mysteries and spices them up with great characters and supernatural action. Hot on the heels of the third season being released, Funimation has collected two OVA episodes on the Black Butler: Book of Murder Blu-ray. Running at around two hours, it feels like it zips by way too soon, but it’s a great time for viewers while it lasts.

The story kicks off with yet another request from the Queen, this time she wants Ciel and his demon butler Sebastian to throw an extravagant dinner party for the big shots that run London from behind the scenes. It doesn’t take long before things go from good to bad as one of the special guests is murdered at the party, all while a nasty storm strikes and forces everyone to stay inside. Ciel, Sebastian, and their friends work together with the guests that just happen to include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among them, to find out who or what murdered the guest before paranoia and fear drives everyone crazy.

Just reading that summary should make any mystery fan want to check this one out. I had a great time watching it unfold during the two episodes, as the staff who work on Black Butler never fail to disappoint. Ciel and his crew are just as funny at times while serious at others as they’ve always been, which makes every surprise the series throws at you even better as you don’t know how they’ll react to it. As with most of their releases, Funimation did a great job with the high definition release here, as the visuals and audio come in clean and clear. The disc is a little light on the extras though, as there’s only audio commentary with some of the staff along with some promotional trailers.

Anyone who enjoys a good mystery and of course fans of the anime will love Black Butler: Book of Murder. While it seems to breeze by in its two hours because it’s so good, and it lacks any solid extras, it’s still a must have Blu-ray that any viewer will want to summon to their aid.

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