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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray)
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray)

An improved cut over the theatrical version that’s well worth the re-visit.

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Let’s be honest, Batman v Superman was intended to be a blockbuster that fizzled into a hit or miss film for those who saw it. I’ll admit that while I did enjoy the movie (especially the action scenes) for the most part, it made me and a lot of viewers leave the theaters scratching our heads. Well I’m glad to say the Blu-ray release dubbed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition actually clears up most of the confusing bits while adding some fun new parts into the mix that swoops in and rescues the muddled theatrical version like a real superhero.

I’m right up there with my fellow colleague Carlos on his review of the theatrical version of the film, as I mentioned earlier I loved the action but the rest of the movie was a confusing mess. So when I learned there was a longer director’s cut coming soon to home video, like a lot of people, I was excited. I can honestly say this excitement is justified, as the extra thirty minutes added in changes things from a so-so movie into the experience we should’ve received while it was playing at theaters. The only downside I can think of is that you’ll have to sit aside three hours of your time to watch it (new cut is 182 minutes versus the 151-minute theatrical version, both which are included on the disc), but it’s definitely worth watching this time around. There’s a few SPOILERS AHEAD, so those who haven’t seen it will want to watch it first.

There’s quite a few newly added scenes that help to flesh out the story and action, while some others such as seeing Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne taking a shower (complete with butt shot) that are just thrown in for the R rating. Some of the biggest changes start with the researcher played by Jena Malone that helped Lois Lane earlier in the film returning later to inform her why Superman couldn’t see the bomb in the courthouse scene. There’s also multiple smaller scenes that show how Lex Luthor is controlling things to pit Superman and Batman against each other, a nice bonus look at things to come as Lex meets one of Darkseid’s minions complete with mother boxes, and there’s also a nice bit added to the ending where Batman and Lex have a conversation that hints to the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Of course I absolutely loved the newly added violent action bits, such as scenes added to the Doomsday fight and especially when Batman takes on some baddies near the end of the film (arguably the best part of the movie and hopefully a taste of what’s to come in Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Batman film).

To make things even better, the high definition transfer of the film on Blu-ray makes everything look and sound better than ever. The visuals and special effects come in perfectly as does the audio which packs quite a punch for those with a nice sound setup. In other words, this is the disc you’ll want to test your home theater with and impress your friends. There’s also a slew of special features and extras that add up to hours of content you can get lost in. Some go into how Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were envisioned for the movie, the making of the Batmobile along with some of his other gadgets, tons of behind the scenes footage while filming and more that will keep lovers of extras busy for awhile.

While this better cut doesn’t make it a perfect film by any means, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Blu-ray does make it a better experience this time around. Loaded with new scenes that make the muddled story a little clearer, improved action scenes, and tons of extras, this is as good as it gets until the Justice League film arrives to hopefully take these characters to greater heights.

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