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Batman Beyond: The Complete Series
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Batman Beyond: The Complete Series

Fans will love the high definition treatment of this now classic series.

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Twenty years…it’s hard to believe that’s how long ago it was when Batman Beyond was released on the now defunct Kids WB and took fans and any viewers by storm. It not only continued the legacy left behind by the original Batman animated series, but built on it and took the franchise to new highs and dark lows that pushed TV censorship to its limits. I’m so happy to announce it’s finally on Blu-ray and in a huge way to boot with the Batman Beyond: The Complete Series set. Fans are sure to own this already, while others will want to pick it up and hold on tight for some animated action.

Most people already know the tragic origin of Bruce Wayne and his parents’ murder that led him to become Batman, but now the same sad fate has fallen on a young man named Terry McGinnis, a teen doing his best to make it by in a high-tech Gotham City in the future. Things are still rough in the city thanks to crazy gangs like the “Jokerz” running around causing trouble, or evil corporations such as the one Terry’s father works for that causes their own special kind of chaos.

Thankfully Terry’s dad is one of the good guys and is looking to expose the company of their wrongdoings, but it doesn’t end well for him when he’s murdered by what looks to be the Jokerz, though they’re actually framed for it. Terry takes to the streets to get revenge, but he’s chased down by them in front of Wayne Manor, home to a now elderly but spry Bruce Wayne who hung up his cape and cowl long ago. After Terry and Bruce team up to fight off the gang, Terry helps Wayne back to his home and eventually finds out his secret. Naturally after some bickering, Bruce decides to let Terry become the new Batman of the future…Batman Beyond.

To say I love this series is an understatement, as me and my friends couldn’t get enough of it back in the day on Kids WB. I loved how they brought Batman to the future and all of the cool technology that comes with it, while still having some ties to Bruce’s past such as classic villains like Mr.Freeze being able to return and more. I also think that Terry’s puckish personality takes things up a notch as you have him sometimes spouting one-liners or poking fun at the bad guys which is a nice change of pace from the near silent and always brooding original Batman.

Of course I have to go into how beautiful the show looks and sounds now that it’s on Blu-ray. I still held onto my classic DVD collection of the series and the high definition treatment here is amazing as I got to see colors and details in the visuals that I never saw before. The Dolby audio is beyond awesome as the famous intro theme music rocks through like never before as do the beautiful fighting sound effects that make sure every painful punch or kick is heard with satisfying, bass-filled thuds.

Warner Bros could’ve just released the series on Blu-ray and everyone would’ve been happy with that, but naturally they took it a few steps further to really sweeten the deal on this release. The first thing you’ll notice about this set is that in comes in a nice size, collector’s box that also includes an awesome looking metallic Batman Beyond Funko POP figure that’s sure to be a prized item in any toy collection.

There’s also four collectible art cards that look gorgeous, and on disc goodies include audio commentary on four episodes by producer Bruce Timm and other team members, fifteen featurettes that go behind the making of the series, interviews with some of the cast and crew, and there’s even the all-new “Nostalgic Tomorrow– A Batman Gathering” and “Knight Immortal” that delve even more into the show. As if that weren’t enough, they even added in the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie that’s uncut and uncensored, much to the delight of fans.

I could go on more about how awesome and amazing this set is, but you’re better off just picking up Batman Beyond: The Complete Series for yourself to experience all of its many goodies. It’s one of the best animated shows out there for a reason, and one you’re sure to love now and beyond.

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