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Barakamon: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Barakamon: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

A wonderful slice of life anime series that will write its way into your heart.

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Between all of the cute ladies, laughs and powered up action, it’s always good to find a nice slice-of-life anime to check out and enjoy. Thanks to our friends at Funimation, I was able to do just that with Barakamon: The Complete Series, a fun twelve episode show that’s fun in its own special way that just about anyone can get into and love.

For a nice change of pace as far as storylines go, this series follows the life of Sei Handa, a calligrapher who is young but is already a master of the artform. As he shows off some of his best work at an exhibition, the elderly curator isn’t that impressed with it and gives negative feedback about the work. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Sei, which causes him to have an altercation with the curator and forces his father to send him away to calm down at a retreat on Goto Island. Here he meets the villagers who range from young to old and have colorful personalities to boot. But none as much as a six-year old girl named Naru who already makes trouble for Sei by claiming his place to stay as hers. From here Sei does his best to put up with these strange people and Naru while trying to improve on his calligraphy, granted he doesn’t go insane first.

I have to admit that while some of it can be compared to other slice-of-life animes, this one still managed to have a nice unique feel to it, at least to me as I watched. It reminded me a lot of “what if Studio Ghibli made a short series?” as it made me think of a lot of their films that deal with adjusting to new people and places while giving the main character a new lease on life by their journey’s end. Anyone who watches will immediately fall in love with Naru as she goes from being a bit of a brat to becoming a little sister of sorts to Sei. All of this is made better but the high definition visuals and audio that come in nice and detailed, and the usual extras such as textless opening and closing songs, a TV Spot Collection and promotional trailers serve as the special features.

If you’re looking for a touching and fun slice-of-life anime series, Barakamon: The Complete Series is one you’ll want to check out. A nice and diverse cast of characters and some touching drama is sure to draw in those who watch and leave its own calligraphy mark on your heart.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell