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Bakuon: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Bakuon: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Cute girls and motorcycles come together in this fun and wild slice-of-life series.

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I’m always down for something fun and different in my anime travels, and Sentai Filmworks releases just that in the Bakuon: Complete Collection set. With all twelve episodes along for the ride and a sweet amount of special features that follow these young ladies and their motorcycle adventures at school, you’ll want to tune up your ride and get to racing with this series.

Most students ride bikes to school, but not the one our young heroine Hane Sakura attends, as you can ride motorcycles instead. So of course she gets bitten by the biking bug to get her own ride after having a student zoom by her on the way to school one day. It’s just her luck that there’s a motorcycle club at her school where there’s only one member at first, but that changes after Hane and Onsa, the student that zoomed by her, join the club and get to work signing up more members. From here, it’s one thing after another as Hane fights to get her license, her ride, and get into all sorts of school related adventures from going on road trips with her buds and learning more about each other, to setting up bike races for the club to tackle.

Watching Bakuon was a fun ride that I enjoyed going on, as it’s a nice switch from most of the anime I’ve seen lately. I like how it mixes things up with the slice-of-life genre by adding in motorcycles (with one that can apparently talk) and having these young girls learn all about them and go wherever the road of life leads. As with most series like these, there’s some well done comedic bits and touching drama moments for Hana and her friends that will keep you on your motorcycle seat. Thanks to being released on Blu-ray, everything looks and sounds great in high definition, making the bikes look and sound even more real. When the bike riding is over, there’s a nice amount of special features to look at, such as promo videos, a live action behind the scenes feature, some fun shorts from the anime, and more.

If you like slice-of-life anime and want a refreshing spin on it, you’ll want to start up your engine and get to riding with the Bakuon: Complete Collection set. A fun cast of characters, interesting stories, and of course motorcycles make this an interesting anime you’ll want to see through to the finish line.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell