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Attack On Titan: The Movie Part 2 (Blu-ray)
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Attack On Titan: The Movie Part 2 (Blu-ray)

Weird liberties taken and other quirks aside, this film appeals to newcomers more so than fans.

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Attack On Titan is one of those infamous anime shows where you either love it or hate it. I’m kind of torn on the whole thing as while I love the premise and all, the series has quite a few quirks I don’t particularly care for. Then comes the live action films that I was excited for at first, but then was disappointed at some of the choices made in them. I was sent Attack On Titan: The Movie Part 2 on Blu-ray by our friends at Funimation, and after watching it again I have to say it’s a movie best viewed by newcomers than fans or those familiar with it.

Those who want to know what this is about along with the first entry of the film series can check out my review for the limited theatrical run of the movies. If you just came back here after reading or vaguely remember my review from 2015, I have to say I still feel the same way on this movie as I did back then. It’s not a terrible film by any means, just not a well thought out one, especially with all the wacky liberties taken here as compared to the anime show. I can understand that some had to be made as to not make them exactly like the series, but most of the changes are just weird or don’t fit well in the Titan universe, such as vehicles replacing their horses, using ineffective bonus melee or ranged weapons on the Titans instead of the omni-directional mobility gear for the most part, and so on.

Despite these things, I did find myself enjoying most of the action and drama that took place, and even more so watching it on Blu-ray thanks to high definition visuals and audio. As with the the HD screeners I had, everything comes through nicely and keep you in the middle of the heated battles. The special features are a tad on the light side however, as there’s only trailers and previews.

Fans will most likely keep away from the live action entries, but if you enjoy giant monster movies and tons of violence, you’ll want to give the Attack On Titan: The Movie Part 2 Blu-ray a look. Despite being filled with plenty of quirks, it makes for a decent monster-action movie for those who enjoy those genres, but not much sadly for those familiar with the anime.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell