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Asura Cryin’: Complete Collection
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Asura Cryin’: Complete Collection

An anime that has more mysteries and mecha action than you can handle.

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I’m always down for watching anime that has a good mystery behind it, but throw in some mecha action and I’m all in. That’s exactly what Asura Cryin’: Complete Collection manages to put together and does it fairly well in one of the most bizzare series you’ll see.

The story follows a young man named Tomoharu who just happens to be haunted by the spirit of his friend Misao who died in a plane crash that he survived. As if having her ghost around wasn’t weird enough to deal with, it’s not long until two young ladies enter his life named Kanade and Ania who also happen to be demons. Before Tomoharu can even try to process all of this, he learns he can summon a powerful mecha known as Asura Machina thanks to the bond he and Misao share.

This power along with Kanade and Ania helping out will come in handy, as there’s a shady organization behind the scenes that’s after Tomoharu and his power, and may have also been behind the plane crash that killed Misao. It’s up to our heroes to fight off these enemies and learn the truth behind Tomoharu and his mecha along with the real details of Misao’s death.

This series turned out pretty good, despite some initial confusion of what was going on at the start, as there’s plenty of flashbacks and foreshadowing bits that’ll leave you wondering if you’re watching the right episode or not. I still had a good time as the characters are fun and funny, which tends to make you feel bad when dark things happen to them.

Everything looks and sounds great in high-definition, which is always a plus for me when watching anime as I love seeing all of the crisp details of the artwork and animation (though there is some so-so CGI spliced in here and there), as well as hearing the dialogue and catchy intro and outro scenes clearly. Speaking of which, the only special features here are the clean opening and closing animations that’s basically a staple for anime extras nowadays.

If you’re looking for a good mystery anime with some mecha action thrown in, you’ll want to see what all the fuss is about in Asura Cryin’: Complete Collection. While you might get confused at first, those who stick with it will find fun characters, some cool action and a neat mystery that will leave you with tears of joy.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell