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Assassins Pride: Complete Collection
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Assassins Pride: Complete Collection

A short but sweet series that prides itself on action with a hint of mystery.

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I always enjoy an anime series where they mix multiples genres together to make for some interesting viewing. I’m happy to say that Assassins Pride: Complete Collection from Sentai Filmworks just so happens to pull this off with action and mystery that will have you binge watching until the conclusion.

Taking place in the land of Flandore, we learn that monsters are always on the prowl outside the magical glass walls that keep the last remnants of humanity safe. To keep these monsters out and have a chance to fight back against them, mankind relies on the noble houses and their ability to use mana magic to do so.

When our young heroine, Melida, heiress to the noble house of Angel, fails to produce any magic powers, her Grandfather orders the half-vampire, Kufa, to assassinate her as her lack of power means that she is of impure lineage. Of course Kufa can’t find it in his half-vampire heart to kill her, as it’s not Melida’s fault her mom fooled around with someone besides her “father”.

So Kufa gives Melida some of his mana, but this in turn makes them bound to each other and enemies of the land as well. Now they’ll have to figure out who Melida’s mother was with, and other mysteries while also fighting off people and the monsters of the land.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen an anime that caught my interest and didn’t let it go to the very end. Assassins Pride managed to do this and more as I had a great time riding the thrills of the show while slowly putting the clues together for the mystery bits. Kufa and Melida are also very likeable characters that grab your heart upon seeing them and have you feeling their ups and downs as they make their way through the episodes.

Everything looks and sounds fantastic thanks to high-definition visuals and sound from the Blu-ray discs, and there’s a few extras starting with the usual clean opening and closing credits, some episode previews and a promotional video featuring the voice actors.

Assassins Pride: Complete Collection is a fun ride filled with action and mystery led by two very likeable characters that make sure you stay glued to your seat until the journey ends. Go ahead and pick this one up, as it’s sure to be one of the prides of your anime collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell