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Ao-chan Can’t Study!: Complete Collection
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Ao-chan Can’t Study!: Complete Collection

Misunderstandings, innuendo, and comedy tie together nicely is this wacky series.

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If you take a look a look through some of my previous anime reviews, you’ll see that I’ve covered my fair share of perverted yet funny titles out there. The latest from Sentai Filmworks is Ao-chan Can’t Study!: Complete Collection, which takes typical slice-of-life / romantic-comedy situations and tosses in some good old-fashioned misunderstanding and innuendo in for some zany laughs. 

Our main character, the cute and kind Ao-chan, just wants to keep her head down and do good in school so she finish school and move far away. Why is that you ask? Well it could be that her father is a famous writer….an erotic writer that is. So naturally everyone assumes Ao-chan is a freak in the sack like the ladies her dad writes about, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Adding to her troubles is Takumi Kajima, a young guy who wants to get to know Ao-chan and be her boyfriend. Ao-chan thinks Takumi just wants to “get it on” in all sorts of freaky ways like the guys in her father’s books tend to do, but then again she starts to have all sorts of feelings about him as well. Will the two of them ever be able to get close? And will Ao-chan ever be able to escape her father’s perverted shadow?

While the show is very twisted and crazy at first, it slowly tapers off into a more serious romantic comedy as it goes on. It was nice seeing how things would turn out for Ao-chan and Takumi from episode to episode while throwing in some well placed humor here and there. As with all of their releases, Sentai Filmworks did a great job with the transfer as everything looks and sounds great, and there’s the usual suspects of clean opening and closing animations for the special features.

Ao-chan Can’t Study!: Complete Collection is a nice series filled with zany humor thanks to misunderstandings and innuendo while also having realistic, dramatic moments and tones mixed in as well. If this sounds like a good time, you’ll want to study hard in front of the TV with this one.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell