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Anonymous Noise
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Anonymous Noise

A fun and touching love triangle story that’s also filled with laughs and great music.

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It appears I was missing out on Anonymous Noise, as it proved to be so popular in Japan, that a live-action movie of it was made along with this anime series. Thanks to our friends at Sentai Filmworks, I was able to check out this interesting and touching love story that features laughs, tears, and most of all, great music for all to enjoy.

The plot focuses on the life of Nino Arisugawa, a young girl with a beautiful singing voice that she loves to put to use. Along with her neighbor and crush Momo Sakaki, she seemed to have it all until he moves away unexpectedly that leaves her sad. Her luck changes when she comes across another young man named Kanade Yuzuriha, who also happens to love making music. The two get along instantly and all seems right with the world, until he too has to leave. The two guys said they would easily find Nino again through her powerful voice, and now six years later in her first year in high school, the two come back into her life with Momo being a famous composer and Kanade having a rock band that Nino eventually joins. From here we’re taken on a wild ride between these three lovers that will leave behind a trail of laughs, tears, and awesome tunes.

After watching it, I can see why Anonymous Noise was so popular in Japan. While it treads on all-too-familiar topics we’ve seen in love stories before, I liked the way this series handled them with some fun here and there along with the drama that comes from both joy and heartbreak with some great music thrown in for good measure. The characters are cool and relatable, as are their struggles and passions in making music, which comes together as a joy to watch. It looks and sounds even better in high definition, and the special features come in the form of clean opening and closing animations and Japanese promotional videos for the series.

Those looking for a fun and emotional ride through the lives of three people in love and their passion for music will want to join the chorus of Anonymous Noise. Great and relatable characters and even better tunes to rock out and chill with make this a nice series to add to your anime band.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell