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American Made
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American Made

Tom Cruise brings his classic wit and charm to this wild but true story film.

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Director Doug Liman and actor Tom Cruise are no strangers to each other, as they both teamed up before to bring us the cool sci-fi hit Edge of Tomorrow. Who would’ve thought they’d team up again to bring us a fun and interesting tale that’s based on a true story, but that’s exactly the case in American Made. 4K visuals and audio along with Cruise’s iconic wit and charm make this a nice ride you’ll want to land in your movie hangar.

Loosely based on a crazy but true story, Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is commercial airline pilot that loves his job and his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright). Being somewhat of a cocky daredevil, it isn’t long before the CIA takes notice of his skills by having Agent Monty Shafer (Domhnall Gleeson) reach out to him with an unexpected business opportunity. What kind of opportunity you ask? Why flying reconnaissance missions in South America for the CIA while making some money on side by smuggling some drugs and guns here and there of course. Things seem to go pretty good for all sides at first, with Seal making steady progress for the agency while slowly becoming a target by the infamous Pablo Escobar (Mauricio Mejia). But as every moviegoer knows, good things don’t last as things eventually take a nosedive for Seal and his family as he does what he can to keep them and himself safe and rich.

While I had to read up on the real Barry Seal to see what was actually true and what wasn’t, Liman and Cruise do a great job making up some fun and exciting moments in this film. It was nice seeing Tom Cruise in his element as the fun-loving, cocky main lead that’s very reminiscent of his classic 80’s and 90’s movies, and the rest of the cast do a good job of making their characters work as well. Being a 4K release with HDR, the visuals come in clean and colorful. And I do mean colorful as the film takes place throughout the color-filled 70’s. The Dolby HD audio is no slouch either, as every line and small action bits here and there roar through the sound setup nicely.

There’s also a few special features to fly into when you’re done with the movie, starting with “American Storytellers” that features some of the cast and crew giving interviews on the plot and bringing the characters to life. “In the Wings” continues the interviews with some of the supporting cast and their roles, “The Real Barry Seal” features Barry Seal’s son, Aaron, as he discusses and shares some memories of his dad. A nice highlight extra is “Cruise & Liman: A Conversation” that captures the two of them talking candidly and enthusiastically about the production of the film. I enjoy seeing fun extras like this one as it makes me wish more movies had pieces like these. “Flying High” is another nice one that has some of the cast and crew praise Cruise on his real-life aviation skills (he’s a licensed pilot like a few Hollywood celebs are). “Shooting American Made” is a brief piece on some of the shooting locations of the movie, and lastly there’s some deleted scenes with optional director commentary that don’t really add nor take away from the film.

If you’re a Tom Cruise fan and want to see him in rare form, or just like wild and loose fun movies, you’ll want to prep your vehicle for take off and snag a copy of American Made on 4K UHD Blu-ray. It’s fun ride made better with the power of 4K HDR and of course the charm and wit Cruise brings to the film. Toss in some short but cool extras, and you have something awesome you’ll want to land in your film hangar.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell