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Allied (4K Blu-ray)
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Allied (4K Blu-ray)

4K UHD brings this exciting World War II romance-adventure to vivid life.

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I’m glad that director Robert Zemeckis has been on a pretty good roll lately with his later films, as things were looking rather grim for the legend when he was putting out one animated flop after another. In his latest movie, Allied, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, he crafts another hit set during the World War II era that delivers on spy action, espionage, and romance that only Zemeckis could tie together so well, and it’s presented in 4K UHD with visuals and audio that place you in the middle of it all.

Thanks to fellow editor Chris Sobrinski and his review of the theatrical release of the film, you can check out his take for all the plot details and such while I focus on this 4K UHD release and the special features included. Like Chris, I too enjoyed this movie as it showcases a nice return to fun movies Zemeckis used to put out back in the day. Pitt and Cotillard play their characters well, and action the two of them experience throughout their adventures is well done. There’s also so nice chemistry between the two and the romance their characters share, which is the main thing that kept me into the film with the action coming off as an added bonus. Thanks to being presented in 4K UHD, the visuals and audio come through crisp and detailed, making sure you see every bullet whiz by along with hearing every explosion and piece of dialogue perfectly.

There’s also quite a few special features with most of them going behind the scenes of the film. Everything from the making of the script, costumes, cars, and music of the movie are covered, along with other extras focusing on the production design and more featuring interviews with the cast and crew as they take viewers behind the making of everything while sharing their thoughts on what went into bringing Allied to wonderous life.

Fans of Zemeckis’ works and WWII-era movies will undoubtedly enjoy Allied as it is one of the director’s best. Great performances, action, adventure, and romance comes together nicely in a fun film made even better thanks to being presented in 4K UHD, making this a release you’ll want to cross enemy lines to bring home.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell