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Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray)
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Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray)

The fun and weirdness continues in this excellent Blu-ray collection of Cartoon Network’s wacky animated series.

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What time is it? It’s Adventure Time of course! Cartoon Network’s adventures of Jake the dog and Finn the human in the magical land of Ooo continue on the Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray. And just like they did with the first outstanding Season One Blu-ray release there’s plenty of random insane silliness to be had here as all 26 episodes from the season, along with some fun extras and more, that are sure to make fans and newcomers fall in the love with this random, yet awesome show faster than you can say “What the cabbage?”

This collection of adventures will see our heroes meeting with the amazon-like Susan Strong (possibly one of my favorite characters in the series) who is kind as she is big and naive, thanks to her living underground with other human-like mutants who need Finn and Jake’s help. There’s also a great episode where the guys help their lady vampire friend named Marceline repair a relationship with her estranged father (played by real life daughter and father Olivia Olson and Martin Olson). Other stories include Finn and Jake helping a giant slug (voiced by Biz Markie) find love, another where Finn finally removes his hat and shows off his golden hair which he cuts to make a wig for a bald witch, and the semi-dark two part season finale that has the guys squaring off against an ancient evil called The Lich who threatens to destroy all life and causes a tragedy that lingers on into the next season.

As with the first season, I enjoyed every episode here, as you can tell the cast and crew are more comfortable in their roles and expand on the foundation that was laid from the previous series of adventures. The show looks absolutely stunning in high definition, all of the colors and details come in sharp and clean, just as the audio does. While this disc is a little light on extras, it does make up for it by having audio commentaries with various cast and crew members on all 26 episodes. There’s also a fun set of interviews done by creator Pendleton Ward, as he talks with some of the cast and crew about the show.

Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season builds on the random fun of the first season, and features even more weirdness that’s sure to please fans while showcasing those new to the show “what the math” is all about here. All 26 hilarious episodes are collected here for your repeated viewing enjoyment. If you’re new to the series, you’ll definitely want to pick up the brilliant Season One as well, which is sure to lead you to snagging a copy of this great Blu-ray. Both discs are sure to have you shouting “What time is it? Adventure Time!” long into the night and beyond.

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