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Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray)
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Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray)

Finn and Jake are back for another dramatic and funny season in one of their best yet.

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Adventure Time is one of those shows that seems to get better as it goes on, much to a lot of viewers’ surprise as they know it has to be tough to make a series this fun and unpredictable. Thank goodness the show runners know what they’re doing, as the Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray is one of the best seasons of the show with 52 episodes of mathematical adventures and is easily one of the best Blu-rays out there.

Taking place right after the dramatic events at the end of season four, Finn is whisked away to an alternate reality in the season opener “Finn the Human” where he’s a one-armed boy with a normal dog named Jake who lives with his mom. This leaves things up to Jake to get him out of there and set things right in the follow up episode “Jake the Dog”. From there it’s business as usual for the show where wackiness and random comedic events go together hand and hand in such crazy episodes like “Time Sandwich” that has Jake making the ultimate sandwich, only to have it stolen away and sets out to get it back. There’s so many fun episodes in this season, but some of the ones that stick out are “The Vault” when Finn taps into a past life of his where he was once a one-armed girl named Shoko. The season finale “Billy’s Bucket List” has Finn and Jake doing all the things their hero Billy couldn’t finish on his bucket list, which leads to Finn learning that one of his real parents is still alive and trapped somewhere.

It goes without saying that I loved this Blu-ray, as I can’t get enough if this awesome show. It’s hands down one of these best shows out there, animated or otherwise. The high definition Blu-ray makes it that much more amazing thanks to the crisp visuals and sounds that bring you into and keep you in the land of Ooo. The special features are pretty cool as well, with the biggest being “Adventure Time Forever” that has the crew sharing all the favorite things about the show and working on it. There’s also some animatics for the episodes here that show how the scenes started off before being finished into the ones viewers see.

The Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray is one of the best entries of the show yet and is a must for any fan or anyone’s Blu-ray collection (along with the previous releases of course). Any who watch are sure to be hooked and will be waiting for season six to come to Blu-ray like the rest of us.

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