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Adventure Time: Frost and Fire (DVD)
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Adventure Time: Frost and Fire (DVD)

Some of Finn and Jake’s best adventures are collected on this fun DVD for all!

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Anyone who knows me will also know that I’m a big Adventure Time fan. While I wasn’t at first, the series quickly grew on me and became one of my all-time favorites with it’s wacky and surreal humor coupled with parts of serious drama, action and adventure. So it was a no-brainer for me to check out their latest DVD collection, Adventure Time: Frost and Fire. Featuring sixteen of their best episodes running a little over three hours, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal outside of complete seasons of the show.

There’s so many cool episodes on this disc, I hardly know where to begin or which ones I should mention. I guess I’ll start at the beginning with “Frost & Fire” that has Finn and the Flame Princess trying out at being a couple. When the Ice King comes along and makes trouble for the two, Flame Princess beats the living mess out of him that leaves Finn with some strange but happy feelings about it. It’s a little apparent this episode touches on Finn going through puberty as viewers can tell he’s getting all warm and excited watching his girlfriend beat up his nemesis the Ice King. Without spoiling too much, things lead to Finn and Flame Princess drifting apart, which brings us to the events in “Earth & Water”. Here Princess Bubblegum steps in and tries to set things right, but at some risky relationship costs.

It’s not all gloom and doom though, as there’s plenty of fun adventures too. Such as “Davey” where Finn decides to be someone else with some pretty wild consequences, or one of my personal favorite episodes “Freak City” that has Finn and Jake befriending some outcasts after Finn is turned into a giant foot. Another personal favorite to me is “Memories of Boom Boom Mountain” where Finn’s heroic origins are revealed, with both touching and hilarious results. The episodes look and sound great here, and while there are no special features, three hours of this show is more than special.

The Adventure Time: Frost and Fire DVD is a great collection of episodes that show off what makes the series so wildly popular with its bizarre humor and awesome adventure. It would’ve been nice to have an extra or two included or even just the complete fifth season, but this mathematical disc is worth picking up for those who need a quick fix or want to see what the show is all about.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell