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The Accountant (4K Blu-ray)
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The Accountant (4K Blu-ray)

A fun and different adventure that puts all the action numbers together correctly.

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Ben Affleck just can’t seem to do wrong lately, as he’s been cranking out hit after hit, especially with his role as the caped crusader in Batman v Superman. Now he’s tackling a new kind of hero, one that’s an autistic, number crunching accountant one moment, and a martial art knowing, gun-toting hero the next. It’s a wild and original role for him in The Accountant, but one that actually works to give action-lovers something fresh and fun to look at.

For those who missed it or want to catch all the plot details and more, fellow editor Chris Pandolfi has you covered with his review of the theatrical release of the film. Here, I’ll just go into my two cents on the film along with the special features it contains. While Chris didn’t care for this one, I actually thought it was a pretty enjoyable action flick that took some chances. Sure some of the things tend to drag at times or not make much sense, but what action film doesn’t have these problems? If you’re like me and can sit down and watch a movie for what it is, that being entertainment, then you’ll enjoy this one as I did.

There’s nothing I love better than watching an action movie than watching one in 4K. So thanks to the awesome UHD and HDR, everything from Ben Affleck’s character crunching numbers to crunching bones with his deadly fighting skills comes through beautifully. Of course the audio is just as wonderful as every piece of dialogue and action packed gunshot, explosion, etc rings through your sound setup loud and crystal clear. There’s not much in the way of special features, but they start off with “Inside the Man” that has the cast discussing the plot and film’s unique protagonist through a few interviews. “Behavioral Science” has a real mental health specialist named Dr. Laurie Stephens discussing how she helped make Affleck’s autistic character believable to those both familiar and unfamiliar with Autism. The last extra, “The Accountant in Action” focuses on the demanding physical action parts and fight choreography in the movie.

If you love action films like I do and you’re looking for something really different to watch, you’ll want to uncook your books and use some funds to purchase a copy of The Accountant to check out. Some nice dramatic touches here and there along with nicely done action scenes round out this unique film that hits all the right numbers for a good time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell