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Absolute Duo: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Absolute Duo: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

A cliched but interesting fanservice anime for those who love cute girls with weapons.

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As I review these awesome titles I receive from Funimation, I’ve noticed that they’ve got their fanservice game on point, as the company can’t resist throwing cute girls with revealing clothing out there. One of their latest releases, Absolute Duo: The Complete Series is yet another series to add to the list that features everything you can expect from a fanservice title, but with a fun twist here and there to make this one stand out from the crowd.

In this twelve episode series, the story starts with a young man named Tor Kokonoe who is on his way to enrolling at Koryo Academy, a special school where students fight each other with weapons they can summon known as Blaze in order to rise to the top of their classes and become peacekeepers. All students who wish to enroll have to pass a battle to qualify, and while every student summons melee weapons such as swords, axes and the like, Tor’s Blaze is a shield which places him in a odd situation at the school. This situation comes in the form of the school using a buddy system of sorts and having him pair with a girl named Julie Sigtuna, and having the two share a room together. While Julie is very kind and understanding of this, some of the other students (especially the ladies) want to know more about this duo and mainly try to hit on Tor in various ways. Between fighting off enemies and the advances of the ladies, both Tor and Julie will have their abilities and sanity put to the test.

While it’s filled with plenty of cliched fanservice comedy and has had some harsh reviews I’ve seen on the net, I had a good time watching this show. Maybe it’s because I tend to watch things without having high expectations, but I do agree in can get a bit iffy at some points. But what anime, show or movie doesn’t, right? I did like that underneath all the comedy and fanservice, there’s a nice bit of drama and sadness thanks in part to both Tor and Julie having lost someone important in their lives that drives them to push themselves to be better, no matter what. Being a Blu-ray release, the high definition visuals and audio help pull viewers into the mayhem, and special features like audio commentary on two episodes, a textless intro and outro, and some promotional trailers help round things out into a fun package.

Absolute Duo: The Complete Series falls to typical fanservice tropes you’ve come to expect from the genre, but it still manages to mix things up enough to be fun. Cute girls, cool weapons and powers, plenty of kinky comedy and some nifty special features make this a crazy high school you’ll want to visit and add this set to your fanservice collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell