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Being Human: Season Three (Blu-ray)
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Being Human: Season Three (Blu-ray)

Season 3 of BBC’s supernatural comedy-drama is perhaps its best yet, though here’s hoping for better audio and special-features next time.

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Being Human Series 3 continues the struggle of Mitchell the vampire, George the werewolf, and Annie the ghost as they try to fit in and try to actually ‘be human’. Though it turns out to be harder than expected when they move into a new house that brings along new dangers and new enemies. Next to Doctor Who and Sherlock, Being Human has become one of my all-time favorite shows from the BBC, and after two seasons that proved to be spectacularly popular (even spinning off their own popular US remake on SyFy), the third and possibly best season yet comes home on the new 3-disc Being Human: Season Three on Blu-ray. All eight episodes and select special-features are here for fans to enjoy in high-definition visual perfection,

¬†Season three sees Mitchell the vampire (Aidan Turner), George the werewolf (Russell Tovey), Annie the ghost (Lenora Crichlow), and George’s girlfriend Nina (Sinead Keenan) – whom he accidently turned into a werewolf – moving to Barry Island in South Wales into an abandoned, Hawaiian-themed bed ‘n breakfast place to avoid some ‘trouble’ they got into back in Bristol. Of course it won’t be that easy to escape, as trouble won’t leave them alone. From a father-son team of vampire hunters (who also¬† happen to be werewolves), to zombies, vengeful spirits, underground werewolf i.e. dog fights, and the revivification of an old foe, they’ve got their hands full. There’s also their most frightening problem of all: Nina’s unplanned pregnancy, which gives a whole new meaning to the term doggy style.

One of the things that makes this show so great is that everyone seems to have the life of an overwrought teenager. One moment they’re happy and joking around, while next thing you know they’re in some sort of messed up situation that leaves them crying and emotionally vulnerable. It also doesn’t help that they have to wrestle with moral issues on a constant basis. Especially those of Mitchell, the vampire, in which some bad choices he made in the previous season come back to bite him (and others) both figuratively and literally. There’s also plenty of action crammed throughout the eight episodes here, often showcasing some of the most clever and memorable depiction of these mythological ‘monsters’ I’ve ever seen. This is about as far away from the superficial angst of Twilight as it gets.

The BBC has done a great job with the video on these discs, which looks even better than the original HD broadcasts of the show. The picture is sharp and clean, giving you a perfect look of all the details they were able to pack into the show; From the the hairy stubble and pores on Mitchell’s face (for the ladies), to the looks of George and Nina’s painful werewolf transformations, it doesn’t get any better looking than this. The only gripe here may be the audio aspect, which features a Dolby Digital 2.0 track that gets the job done but never goes above and beyond as you’d expect on most Blu-ray releases.

Another small gripe is the lack of solid special-features. There’s a few cast interviews that last roughly 20 minutes or so, an 11-minute collection of deleted scenes that help provide some idea of what goals the scriptwriters had in mind, and even a guided tour of the new bed ‘n breakfast set by Sinead Keenan (Nina) that lasts for about 5 minutes. But that’s about it, and I couldn’t help feeling that a good portion of those three shiny Blu-ray discs were left a whole lot emptier than they should have been. What’s here is pretty neat, but I doubt most will find them all that “special.”

Loyal fans of the series probably won’t need any encouraging, but those who’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about will definitely want to catch BBC’s Being Human: Season Three on Blu-ray – although you’ll definitely want to check out the first two seasons first so you won’t be completely lost. Not only does this drama-comedy continue to be one of the best shows on television right now, but it keeps getting better, which makes me wonder how they’ll keep it going after losing one of its main cast to the upcoming Hobbit films (no spoilers). Despite some issues with the audio output and a lack of enough special-features, this is still a solid Blu-ray edition of a wonderful show. If you like action, violence, comedy and drama, then you’ll enjoy how this series makes them all come together perfectly.

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