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Win Xseed’s Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP Giveaway
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Win Xseed’s Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP Giveaway

Win Xseed Games’ latest and possibly greatest game in their Ys series yet in our exclusive giveaway spectacular. Full rules inside!

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It’s that time of the year again – Ys Time! The time of year when spring cleaning is at hand for those in the magical land of Esteria, and only you can help Adol cleanse it of the evil monsters that lurk in it. Your buddies at Popzara have teamed up with Xseed Games once again to give lucky Ys fans everywhere a chance to win their latest release in the venerated series, the all-new remake of the original games Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP! And we’re giving away digital (PSN) copies of the game to the biggest ‘n best Falcom Fans out there and see where it all began in our official Ys I & II Chronicles Countdown Giveaway Spectacular!

And the coolest part is you won’t have to track down the six books of Ys to win, as snagging your own copy is easier than meeting cute ladies in RPG’s! Simply answer the following question to us direct at popzara@gmail.com or start following our humble Twitter account right HERE!


“What’s Your Favorite Ys Game?”


Whether you like the story, memorable characters, or one of the best soundtracks in gaming history (it’s true!), share your unbridled love of Ys with us and you’ll be registered to win. Three lucky fans will journey their way to victory with the following prize:


Fantasy Falcom Award: One (1) PSN Digital Copy of Xseed Games’ Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP (retail $29.99)


But the fun doesn’t have to end just yet, as you can check out our official review of the full PSP game right HERE, or pick up a copy for yourselves at the game’s official website right HERE!


The Ys I & II Chronicles Countdown Giveaway Spectacular begins Monday March 2nd and runs until Friday March 18th. Winner(s) will be chosen and contacted that weekend, so please keep your eyes on any emails or posts from us during that time. In the event we are unable to contact our first-place winner(s), new winner(s) will be chosen at that time. The contest is open to everyone and no purchase is required to enter.

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