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Win Duke Nukem Forever and Full PlayPass Games From OnLive Giveaway
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Win Duke Nukem Forever and Full PlayPass Games From OnLive Giveaway

Win Duke Nukem Forever PlayPass and other games from OnLive in our exclusive giveaway spectacular. Full rules and regulations inside!

Most game players out there know about OnLive and the awesome cloud-based service that gives you access to hundreds of streaming games on your PC, HDTV, and even on your tablets and iOS devices (coming soon!), which could help make them the King of videogames. And who better to help cornonate their reign than the King himself, Duke Nukem? We’re teaming up with these bad boys to give fans a chance to win their own Full OnLive PlayPass for Duke Nukem Forever or any other game you like in our exclusive Duke Nukem “Hail to the King” Giveaway Spectacular!

Whether you love first-person shooters, puzzle games, or just balls-to-the wall action, OnLive has you covered. And with your free PlayPass you’ll be able to experience any game you like, from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Deux Ex: Human Revolution, or even the King himself, Duke Nukem Forever.

We’re making it easier to score than Duke’s groupies, as you just simply answer the following question to us direct at popzara@gmail.com or by following our humble Twitter account right HERE!

“What’s Your Favorite Duke Nukem Quote?”

Whether it’s “Gonna Rip You A New One!”, “Rest In Pieces”, or even the classic “Come Get Some”, share your love of Duke’s best wisecracks with us for your chance to win.

Awesome OnLive Award: One (1) Redeemable Full PlayPass for any OnLive Game

Hail to the King and check out our official review of Duke Nukem Forever for Xbox 360, PS3, and OnLive right HERE! But if you need to get your cloud-based gaming action right now, check out the official OnLive gaming service right HERE!

The Duke Nukem “Hail to the King” Giveaway Spectacular begins Friday July 1st  and runs until Friday July 8th. Winner(s) will be chosen and contacted that weekend, so please keep your eyes on any emails or posts from us during that time. In the event we are unable to contact our first-place winner(s), new winner(s) will be chosen at that time. The contest is open to everyone and no purchase is required to enter.

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