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One Quick-Minute With Xgaming’s Jeremy Kopchak
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One Quick-Minute With Xgaming’s Jeremy Kopchak

A quick chat with Xgaming’s Jeremy Kopchak on fighting games and his company’s upcoming X-Arcade stick revision!

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Today’s arcade scene may be a mere shadow of its former self, but that hasn’t stopped the hardest of hardcore fan from doing their best to replicate the look and feel of this once-dominant pastime. Once the prized domain of the competitive fighting game aficionado, those looking to challenge others in digital mortal combat (that’s combat with a ‘c’) have turned to an activity that’s become nearly as enthusiastic as the games themselves – finding the perfect arcade stick replacement. For those who understand, picking the right equipment is never as simple as a joystick and buttons, as you’ll need quality manufacturing that stands the test of time – and relentless pounding.

Xgaming has been producing some of the most accurate and functional arcade-quality sticks for some time, and given the recent resurgence in the home fighting game (thank you Super Street Fighter IV), there’s no stopping them now. What began in 2001 as a way to help equip dedicated fans with the right equipment has since turned into a passion for the game, and we tracked down Product Manager Jeremy Kopchak to see what the future has in store for those looking to ditch their flimsy gamepad and go for broke. In the latest edition of our One-Quick Minute series we grill Jeremy on the perils of linking-lag, forum drama, and his thoughts on Capcom’s latest brawling revision.

Get ready to up your game as here’s our One Quick-Minute with Xgaming’s Product Manager, Jeremy Kopchak!

I’ve been looking around on several forums and have noticed that you beta tested some new converters and made a passing comment to a new stick, which I assume will be built specifically for fighters, considering the forums you went to involved major fighting games. I’d also like to ask if this was possibly due to the fact that your arcade sticks had serious input lag on the PlayStation 3 systems, and if this new stick is going to be the answer to the whole thing along with the converters?

Our controllers do not have lag, our PS3 solution required 2 adapters to work which adds some lag. One of the adapters you referred to is the fix for that, a direct PS3 connection.

As for the new controller, it’s a new joystick actually, as in the part that you control with used in our controllers. It is for fighters. We are working on other projects at all times as well, of which I cannot comment on of course. We are expecting our newest revision of our Solo controllers at the end of May currently.

For those of us who may have already picked up an earlier model of the [Xgaming] arcade stick, what new features and/or designs can we look forward to in the upcoming revision model?

The X-Arcade Solo controller has been the best-selling single player arcade stick for casual gamers to competitive fighting game fans ever since we released it several years ago. The newest revision due out this May includes the following upgrades to name just a few:

  • USB and PS/2 connections for PC or Mac right out of the box.
  • New button layout aligned to the joystick (like our Tankstick), with repositioned Start button to avoid accidental presses.
  • Adapters available for all of your game consoles, one of your choice included.
  • Upgraded buttons with optimized responsiveness.
  • Newly designed competition-grade microswitches: Advancements in design and built with fully automated production process and made to withstand over 10 million cycle input, exceeding industry standard tests for arcade controls.
  • Same Lifetime Warranty that shows confidence in our products.

As you’re well aware, Super Street Fighter IV is finally out and really energizing fighting fans. What’s your favorite character, and have you got any strategies and tips for anyone looking to join this wonderful world of arcade fighters?

The character roster in SSF4 is amazing, and Capcom has done a great job of making them all well balanced. Personally I am a Ken or Ryu player, but the return of T. Hawk and Dee Jay has kept me quite busy most recently. My tips for any n00bs is to get a real arcade controller, no sissy D-PAD is going to stand a chance against the real deal!

Many thanks to Jeremy Kopchak for his insights on Xgaming’s upcoming X-Arcade stick revision, and for answering a few questions that fans have been itching to know. As for the revised stick, we’ll be reviewing the final product once it becomes available [tentatively] late May, and look forward to the same high-quality manufacturing and performance the company is known for. The fighting game has been making quite a comeback on the home console front lately, and you’ll need to ditch that standard gamepad if you expect to start hanging with the community’s best.

Looking to get the full arcade experience at home? For more information on Xgaming or any of their arcade-quality sticks and cabinet machines, check out their official website right HERE!

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