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One Quick-Minute with John Henson for Wipeout: In the Zone
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One Quick-Minute with John Henson for Wipeout: In the Zone

Our quick-minute interview with comedian John Henson about his role in the videogame version of ABC’s popular Japanese-style game show.

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Many of you reading this may know him as the skunk-haired host of E!’s Talk Soup, but in recent years comedian John Henson has made waves as one of the host’s of ABC’s popular Japanese-style game show Wipeout. The new videogame version for the Xbox 360 Kinect by Activison, Wipeout: In the Zone, features his unique vocal quips and comments, so we thought this might be as good a time as any to snag the funnyman for another edition of our exclusive One Quick-Minute series of seriously short interviews.

From television to the videogame world (nearly naked), to what fans of the popular show can expect from their Xbox 360 Kinect sensors, we’re putting our quick-minute with John Henson to good use.

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A big reason for the success behind Wipeout (the TV show) is listening to your fun commentary and ad-libs while the contestants do their thing. Given your history with on-the-spot quips and improvisation, I’m curious if it was difficult translating your sense of humor into scripted form for Wipeout (the game)?

The best part of the voice over work was that I could do it in my bathrobe. But to answer your question, the producers of the game and the show wanted to have that sense of realism and ad lib commentary. So, I was encouraged to do multiple takes. Of course, there was a script to work off of, but it was more of a starting place…so I think you’ll find the game and the show have the same feel comedically.

Speaking of videogames, any chance of seeing more John Henson videogame voiceovers in the future? There’s a lot of money in that sort of thing these days, especially for gifted comedians.

First of all, you did say ‘gifted’ right? I just want to make sure I heard you correctly. You referred to me as a ‘gifted comedian.’ I just wanted to clarify that for the record. I’m ‘gifted.’ Anyway, my point was… I’m sorry, what was the question again?

Speaking of wild flailing and hilarious movements, as the expert on the subject, do you think the intensive running in place and arm flapping to play the game might inspire fans to audition for the real thing? Or do you think they’ll be happy just making a few of their own outrageous home videos while getting a little cardio in there?

It will certainly give fans of the show a sense of how hard and tough the course can be. I would remind people that if you find the VIDEO GAME hard… just remember that the actual course doesn’t exist in the comfort of your own living room, complete with snack items and the option to ‘pause.’ Then again, the video game won’t cut you a check for 50K if you win, so it’s kind of a wash. I guess for those that master the video-game, the Big Balls await…

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