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Monkey Mofo (iOS)
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Monkey Mofo (iOS)

Lucky Red Fish releases a flawed but fun puzzler with Monkey Mofo!

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I’ve always been a big fan of puzzle games, from classics like Tetris to the more recent Lumines series, and I’m always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing to come soak up my time. There’s hardly a lack of them available on mobile devices, with new ones popping up on smartphones and tablets every day, though trying to distinguish them from one another can be the real challenge.

One of those challengers being Lucky Red Fish’s Monkey Mofo, a new contender that mixes monkey power with fruit collecting puzzles. It’s easy pick-up-and-play style will attract those willing to give it a chance, and keep those who love challenges hooked for awhile. Its just everything else that may keep potential fans from finding their next addiction.

In the world of Monkey Mofo you start off on a small grid-like island where you control a monkey by sliding your finger to make an arrow in the direction you want it to go, and have it collect all the fruit on a level then guide it to the exit. You have a set amount of arrows you can place down at a time (three when you first start out) and luckily the monkey always turns automatically when it reaches an edge, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off the grid. You can also tap an arrow to remove it and have another chance to place an arrow somewhere else. As you progress, the grid gets bigger with more obstacles and challenges being in your way, such as humans hunting after the monkeys, as well as being able to control more monkeys at a time through nearly 200 levels split over 18 worlds. If you lose your monkey(s), the game is over, but you can revive them with coins that are scattered throughout the game.

Also as you go along, each new world introduces new game mechanics and power ups, such as an extra arrow to use to help make things easier. You’ll need to learn how to use these to your advantage quickly, as you’ll come across levels that will tax your problem-solving skills as well as your patience. Such as having a level with two exits, or accidentally exiting the level before collecting all the fruit. Things such as these will most likely make or break the game for those who play.

Now on to the cons, which are mainly everything else besides the premise. While I understand that this being an indie game, the graphics and animations are pretty rough, especially the frame-rate. These two things will make you think the game was made (and is being played) on a Windows 98-era machine. At least the music is pretty upbeat and catchy, as it will be one of the only things helping to make your way through the puzzles and rough gameplay.

Rough graphics, animation and frame rate issues aside, Monkey Mofo is a simple but fun action-puzzler that fans of the genre might enjoy if they can look past the outdated visuals and performance issues. It may not attract newcomers as well as some other puzzle games out there might, but those willing to look past its rough spots will find an easy to learn, difficult to master title that will keep them busy for quite some time.

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