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Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD (iPad)
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Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD (iPad)

Mando Productions’ popular military-themed tower defense game storms the high-definition beaches of the iPad.

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Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD by Mando Productions is a fun tower defense game that will keep fans of the genre happy while showing newcomers why the idea of agressively defending your turf can be so exciting. While the game has already been available for iPhone/iPod Touch users for some time, it’s finally storming the high-definition beaches in this this updated version for the iPad.

The premise is simple: defend your bunker at the top of the screen by touching the enemies on screen to shoot them before they get too close and destroy it. As you successfully defend your hill and progress you’ll be able to to hire new troops with even more powerful and awesome weaponry like lasers to rechargeable bomb attacks. Naturally, selecting which character is easier than ever on the iPad’s bigger screen and this adds immeasurably to the way the game is played. Even more fun, these newer weapons also come with unique controls, such as dragging your finger down to the screen to use the machine gun, or holding your finger down on a specific location to use a grenade. When used strategically, these weapons help take out the enemies in even faster, more interesting ways.

Between levels, players choose different teams and can power-up their soldiers by earning gold coins to increase their stats and even the ranks of your squad by clearing stages. It’s kind of sad there’s only two modes of play, including the standard campaign mode where you fight your way through different maps, and a survival mode called “Fire At Will”. New missions must be purchased in the same way using your earned in-game cash or, for those with less patience, using real money in the game’s virtual store.

Hopefully more modes will be added with a future update, as playing through the same maps over and over with only two modes can get tiresome after awhile.

As I mentioned above the game has already been available for the smaller iPhone/iPod Touch screens, but here the visuals have been upgraded to HD-quality artwork that looks fantastic on the iPad’s bigger screen. The levels are razor sharp and detailed, while featuring neatly animated enemy troops and vehicles that scurry about trying to destroy you. The military-like combat music and sound effects will keep you in the spirit of things as you shoot and blow baddies away.

If you’re looking for a fun tower defense game on the iPad, Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD should fit the bill nicely, especially as developer Mando Productions has appropriately expanded the original iPhone/iPod Touch game in almost all the right places. The graphics look great, especially on the iPad’s bigger screen, with detailed artwork that really lives up to the new ‘Premium HD’ name (and price), with soldiers and units easier to spot and choose than ever before. The only real drawbacks are the lack of game modes and maps, as playing through those available can get a bit repetitive after awhile. If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about and need a real high-definition tower defense game for your iPad, definitely consider this one.

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