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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Wii)
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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Wii)

The first traditional 2D fighter for the Nintendo Wii is exactly what fans have been waiting for, minus the waggle of course.

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I’m just going to get into this: ARC System Works Guilty Gear XX A Core (Guilty Gear XX Accent Core) for the Nintendo Wii is for the most part a solid entry into the Guilty Gear XX lineup of curiously popular fighters, and if you’ve played the others before it you’ll be pleasantly satisfied knowing that the 2D arcade fighting game formula is intact. Whether that’s a good or bad thing will depend on your experience with the series, and before the death threats from

With the distinction of being the first true 2D fighting game for Nintendo’s latest home console, it should be said that the Guilty Gear franchise isn’t without its fans. Nothing could be further from the truth, as few modern games of any genre have such a dedicated and frothy fan-base of loyal followers. An arcade port through and through, this third update comes home along with the former arcade revisions (the formers being Guilty Gear XX #Reload and Guilty Gear XX /) and takes advantage of the tweaks that came before it with slightly improved mechanics, tier balancing, and character alterations. A few ‘new’ characters and background/music revisions are injected into the mix, but nothing earth-shattering to make this package particularly new. Still, EA’s Madden series has even less innovation and yet it continues to sell in record numbers, so why not let GG fans have their fun?

Explaining the gameplay of any Guilty Gear to non-fans is like explaining quantum physics to those people who love watching space shuttles launch into orbit. You know it looks cool, and you might even want to hop on for a ride…but it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. The gameplay in this series is an treasure trove of meticulous, detailed and absolutely mind-boggling absurdity that, while rewarding to the hardcore base and serious fighting fan, will most likely drive the casual play bonkers. Button-mash and slam the controller all you want, but be prepared for your eyeballs to glaze over in seizure-inducing fits of color and lights as the character on screen does things you’re not sure if you caused or not. Of course the persistent player will be rewarded with that “ah-hah!” moment when everything comes together and they discover a method to this madness, most will likely fling their controls (appropriately Wiimotes in this case) aside and check into the nearest hospital. If all this sounds like a smashing good time, Guilty Gear XX Λ Core is your game.

The Guilty Gear franchise has always been known for its incredibly detailed (if not a little overdone) visual style and use of high resolution hand-drawn sprite goodness, and this version is no exception. Although much like the Street Fighter franchise, you’ll find recycled sprites and animations, as well backgrounds that might seem a bit familiar to longtime fans of the series. Word has it that many of the game’s voices have been re-recorded as have some of the game’s hard-rocking super metal background songs to match the update status of Accent Core. Hardcore fans seem to think this is some of the greatest music of all time, and while I don’t dislike it I’m not sure if I’m ready to go that crazy just yet. Let’s just say that careful fan-service has been paid, so take that as you will.

As with any fighting game, it’s all about the controls. Being a game for the Nintendo Wii, that typically means having some form of Wiimote waggle needlessly integrated into a game that just doesn’t need or benefit from it. Playing Accent Core with the standard Wiimote + Nunchuk attachment just doesn’t work at all and it’s questionable why the developers even bothered. Rather than waste anymore time even thinking about such a miscalculation let’s move onto how well the game plays with the suitably equipped Classic Controller, or even the capable Gamecube control pad options. Basically with these options the game plays just about perfect, and if you’re ambitious enough to add a compatible arcade-stick to the mix you’ve got arcade perfection to play at home – demand nothing less!

Guilty Gear XX Λ Core for the Wii is a solid game along with its PlayStation 2 counterpart. Its the exact port of the arcade version that the hardcore crowds have been frothing over, with the usual assorted home modes of Arcade, V.S., survival, and M.O.M. (Medal of Medallion) included for diehard fans of the franchise. Truth to be told though is that the only way to actually enjoy playing Accent Core for the Wii is to pick up a Classic Controller or at the very least find a GameCube controller to make use with, because the Wii Remote isn’t the route to go.

For fans of the series, just know right now that this is is exactly the game you’ve been waiting for, with very little surprises. Either version you opt for (Wii or PS2) will net you the exact same gameplay and experience, although those choosing the Nintendo game will want to chuck their motion waggle remotes for something a bit more appropriate. As the first real 2D fighter on the system it shows how well the console can handle these things. Go crazy; go nuts!

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