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Zombie Night Terror
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Zombie Night Terror

A fun but difficult Lemmings-like game where you’re the zombies.

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I remember the classic game Lemmings in which you controlled the cute but mindless critters in order to solve puzzles and problems by using them in creative ways. It appears the developers at NoClip are fans of this franchise and have decided to repeat the success with zombies in Zombie Night Terror. Most will take note of its difficulty right off the bat, but those who stick with it will have fun infecting people and increasing their zombie ranks.

The funny story kicks off with a guy taking a drug called “Romero” (yes as in George A.Romero) and passes some of it along to some other people. Of course the drug changes them into zombies and it’s up to you and your undead crew to wreck things and infect as many others as possible. As an added bonus, when you bite certain people and infect them, you’ll gain zombie DNA points that can transform one of your zombies with an action key. These range from “overlords” who are locked into place and can send zombies in different directions as they bump into it, to zombies that can explode and infect others with their goo, to muscular ones that can tear through and knock down walls.You can also grant brief mutations to them such as speeding up your zombies, give them the ability to jump high into the air, or even make one use a good old-fashioned syringe to infect people.

Of course it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or a head, thanks to you running into some brave people who can fight back against your zombie horde. You’ll have to figure out ways to combine and tactically use your abilities to overcome big dudes that can decapitate you, sharpshooters that can take you with a shot, and other folks who quickly become harder the further you delve into the game. Some of the things that make this budget title stand out are the visuals and audio. The graphics are done in a retro 8-bit pixel look that’s become the norm in most indie titles, and are mostly shown in black and white with only certain things like blood or fire being in color. I also loved the 80’s synth-like music that fits the action perfectly, giving it that classic, old school feel while you play.

It can be frustrating at times working past the challenges the humans and obstacles bring, but those who stick with it will find a fun time with Zombie Night Terror. If you loved Lemmings or games similar to it and also enjoy zombie themed titles, this one is a no-brainer (zombie pun intended) for you to pick up and play.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell