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Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead (PS4)
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Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead (PS4)

Zen Studios brings Skybound and Telltale Games’ hit to the pinball realm with Zen Pinball 2’s The Walking Dead table.

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Like many of my fellow zombie fans I’m a huge fan of Skybound and Telltale Games’ first and second seasons of The Walking Dead game series. The amazing comic-like visuals, action, scary music, and a wonderful cast of characters you truly come to care about made for one of the best games ever made. Zen Studios obviously loves the series as much as the fans, as they’ve created a pinball table for their popular Zen Pinball 2 franchise with nearly as much detail as the game itself with their crossover Zen Pinball 2’s The Walking Dead.

Anyone who has played the game will recognize the characters and props all around the playing field, from Lee and Clem at the bottom, to the barn where players first meet Hershel along with Kenny and their families. Of course it wouldn’t be the same without some zombies being placed around, especially the one in the middle that will do everything to keep you from accessing sweet bonus rounds and big scores. That’s nothing a few well placed pinball shots won’t fix, and there’s plenty of way to do it thanks to the awesome layout of the table, which features plenty of inverted flippers, bumpers and ramps to keep the action going all over the place.

As with all of their other pinball tables, Zen Studios has given this one plenty of neat sound effects and other goodies that’ll make you want to keep playing. From showing animated clips of zombies moaning and shuffling around, to Lee and Clem moving and talking at the bottom while interacting with each other (I love when Lee protects her from zombies and talks with her) made me want to keep playing despite losing plenty of pinballs to the zombies and the table itself. Another cool feature Zen added is the ability to save people just like in the game series. Occasionally an option will appear where you get to pick one of the episode chapters and will have to decide on saving character A or B. While it may not be as intense as the actual game series, I thought that was a pretty awesome idea Zen came up with to place as much as the series into the table as possible.

Those who love The Walking Dead and pinball will enjoy the two-fer here with Zen Pinball 2’s The Walking Dead table. With great pinball physics, an awesome layout, bells and whistles and more, there’s little more Zen Studios could’ve done to make it better (except make more TWD tables). With a table like this, I can only hope they make another crossover for the current second season of the game series sometime soon.

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