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Zen Pinball 2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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Zen Pinball 2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The force is strong with Zen Studios and this DLC based on the hit film.

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Like clockwork, Zen Studios keeps releasing awesome, imaginative add-ons for their beloved Zen Pinball 2 title. The latest and possibly greatest DLC they’ve put out is not one, but two tables based off the record shattering Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie with Zen Pinball 2 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These tables bring all the fun and excitement of the film to the pinball world, and will have players of the light and dark side putting their force powers to the test.

The first table you’ll come across is “The Force Awakens”, which does a pretty sweet job making you feel like you’re on the desert planet of Jakku with all sorts of goodies laying about from the movie. From the salvage junk Rey shifts through, to her, BB-8, Poe, and Finn scouting the area and fighting off the first order, there’s plenty to see and do here. Even more fun is that when you unlock a bonus mission, the table will slowly change to accommodate the setting, such as when you get to pilot something which brings up a bonus HUD and table for you to play on, etc.

For those who are more attuned to the dark side of the force (or have played the first table enough) there’s “Might of the First Order” that takes place on a star destroyer ship with the mysterious Captain Phasma standing at the ready. This table has a little more room to play around on, with plenty of ramps, bumpers and secret areas to keep you playing. As with The Force Awakens table, things will transform when you uncover bonus missions to do, such as revealing an underground area beneath the main one for players to challenge themselves on.

Zen Studios never fails to disappoint in the visual and audio departments, as everything looks and animates flawlessly, to the pinball physics and dot matrix screen animations, to the characters and vehicles moving about. The music and sounds are ripped straight from the films, so fans will be more than thrilled to hear all their favorites as they play.

If you love Zen Pinball 2 or Star Wars or both for that matter, you owe it to yourself to check out these new additions in Zen Pinball 2 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The visuals and audio are spot on, and there’s plenty of pinball fun to be had with the many ramps, bumpers, and hidden areas to uncover that truly show the force is strong with this game.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell