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Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball (PS4)
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Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball (PS4)

Zen Studios captures the crazy comedy of earlier South Park episodes and Butters perfectly in this two table set.

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Zen Studios knows how to keep the pinball hits coming, from tables based on Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, to the recent The Walking Dead games. When you fire up their Zen Pinball 2 game, chances are they have a table or two based on something you like, and their latest table set is no exception in South Park Pinball.

I’m glad that Zen Studios gives you not one, but two tables in their South Park addition to Zen Pinball 2. The first table is South Park’s Super Sweet Pinball, where you’ll find both visual and audio references from the first few seasons of the show. As with all of Zen’s tables, you’ll get plenty of chances to use trick shots to complete different objectives such as lighting up letters that spell out the show’s name, helping Stan get over puking while trying to kiss Wendy, hitting the farting….err…”windy” bumpers near Terrance & Phillip and more. What really got me excited (and cracking up laughing) about this table are the audio clips that play throughout, as most of them are from the early episodes of the series. You’ll hear classic clips such as Cartman talking about his anal probe and singing the Cheesy poofs song,  the crazy bus driver Mrs. Crabtree telling the kids to sit down and shut up, Chef saying various nuggets of wisdom to the gang, snippets from the classic episode Manbearpig and more.

When you’re done with that table or just want to take a break from it, there’s the next one to check out, Butters Very Own Pinball Game. As you’ve guessed it, this one focuses on everyone’s favorite, happy-go-lucky character Butters. There’s plenty of references to his adventures throughout the series, such as his Hawaiian trip, his slumber party with the girls, his Professor Chaos persona and many others. Adding to this are some special bumpers you can hit that enables a mode to collect different outfits Butters has worn over the years. You can even do some trick shots to activate Butters’ robot buddy AWESOM-O, and unlock a secondary mini-table to summon Professor Chaos and fight against The Coon and his friends. Of course as you play and unlock stuff, hilarious sound clips from the show play out along with Butters’ theme music for more added laughs and to help keep things chipper.

As with all their franchise based tables, Zen Studios really knows how to capture the spirit of what makes those things important to the fans who love them. The South Park Pinball set is no exception, as anything a South Park viewer loves about the series is brought to life perfectly here, minus some of  foul language it’s known for, but the sounds are still funny without it . From the colorful, cardboard layout and look, to the gut-busting funny sound clips from the show, you won’t find better South Park-themed pinball tables anywhere else. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Professor Chaos business to attend to.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell