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Zen Pinball 2: Portal (PS4)
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Zen Pinball 2: Portal (PS4)

Zen Studios teams with Valve to bring some pinball puzzle perfection in their latest DLC table!

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I have to hand it to them, Zen Studios just continues to stay on top of their game, both literally and figuratively. They’re just cranking out hit table after table for their Zen Pinball 2 franchise, and the latest one is based off Valve’s famous first-person puzzler, Portal. So what happens when you combine these two games together? Pinball puzzle perfection of course in Zen Pinball 2: Portal.

Those familiar with the Portal universe will be glad to know the gang’s all here as Chell, GLaDOS and Wheatley are spread throughout this amazing looking table while interacting with each other, the table itself and you the player. Fans will also be happy to know the dialogue and sounds are ripped directly from the games, right down to GLaDOS creepy-but-awesome voice and the portal device.

While you’re reeling from the awesome graphics, sounds and animations, you’ll find there’s plenty to do on this table. Three flippers will help you guide the pinball and pull off trick shots to open the many bonus stages and mini-games here, such as trying to make your way to the ramps and lanes near the back of the table or triggering some fast-paced multiball that cues a famous song as you play. Some of the bonus missions that you can unlock as you play include the Rat Man’s Den that reveals a mini-table that’s hidden under the regular one. Another mission will have you trying to link some of the activated marked lanes on the playing field, all while you look out for turrets, lasers and other deadly traps that will try to take your pinball out of the equation.

The only gripe I have with the table is a fairly good one to have, and that’s since there’s so much action going on here, that you don’t get to take in the amazing visuals and sounds as you would like since you’re busy keeping your eye on the ball and flicking those flippers. Again this is a good thing and can always be remedied by watching someone else play.

Zen Pinball 2: Portal is another amazing DLC table for Zen Studios’ stunning franchise. Fans of the Portal game series and pinball players alike will love everything about this and more. Featuring some awesome visuals, sounds and frantic gameplay, it can be a little overwhelming at first, but give it time and you’ll be tracking down that infamous cake in no time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell