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Zen Pinball 2: Iron and Steel (PS4)
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Zen Pinball 2: Iron and Steel (PS4)

Zen Studios hits all the right bumpers in their latest two-table DLC pack!

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I’ve always loved playing pinball games for as long as I can remember, and Zen Studios’ Zen Pinball series never fails to stir up those childhood memories and feelings from back then. As with pretty much all of their previous tables, the company has struck gold with their latest DLC Zen Pinball 2: Iron and Steel, which has not one but two tables of fun for pinball and video game fans.

The first table I dove into was CastleStorm which funny enough is based off another popular game from Zen Studios. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge fantasy RPG fan, but I liked this table a little more out of the two. I also like that it’s a nice size, not too big or small and has a relatively simple layout. There’s plenty of ramps and bumpers for players to get to, and there’s even a dragon at the top you can do battle against as well a mini-game table in the upper right corner for some fast-paced flipper action in order to keep the ball in that area.

Next up is the the Wild West Rampage table that is just as fun but has a lot more challenges and flippers to handle them. Most who play will more than likely enjoy this table more because of all the added things here, such as the multiple curling ramps, having four flippers to use, and the multiple mini-games like loading the pinball on a train that pulls off and turns into another mini-table or landing the ball into the saloon enough times to initiate a fight between the cowgirl heroine and the corrupt Sheriff. Whatever the case may be, there’s enough going on to keep players happy and busy.

Zen Studios never fails to amaze me with their attention to detail, as both tables have all sorts of buildings and props from their respective eras, awesome lights and animations both in the area and on the dot matrix display, as well as cool sound effects and voice clips to go along with them. Whether it’s the knight from CastleStorm giving commands and keeping you apprised on what’s happening, or the heroic cowgirl from Wild West Rampage exchanging quips with the nasty Sheriff, there’s always something fun and exciting for both the eyes and ears. And for those who like to get the highest score, there’s an online leaderboard that’s standard in all of Zen’s releases to show how you stack against the rest of the world.

Zen Pinball 2: Iron and Steel is yet another amazing entry in the series that provides great fun and value with two tables of awesomeness that fans and those wanting to play something cool will enjoy. Featuring plenty of challenges along with amazing details and sounds, those who play will find themselves losing track of time while slaying dragons and fighting off desperadoes until the next DLC arrives.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell