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Zen Pinball 2: Aliens vs. Pinball
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Zen Pinball 2: Aliens vs. Pinball

Aliens, Predators, and Pinballs come together in Zen Studios latest DLC masterpiece.

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I’m a big fan of Zen Pinball 2 as anyone will know by my reviews of the many DLC tables available for this awesome title. Zen Studios never disappoints as they’ve released another set of fun tables in Zen Pinball 2: Aliens vs. Pinball. With three levels based on various entries of the Alien franchise, there’s something for fans of the films and pinball games alike.

With April 26th being called “Alien Day” thanks to the name of the infamous planet LV-426 from the original Alien movie, what better way to celebrate it than with Zen Studios releasing three tables based on the Alien franchise. There’s one featuring the James Cameron classic Aliens, another based on Alien vs. Predator, and another that’s themed after the Alien: Isolation game. As with previous tables in this game series, there’s all sorts of neat side missions and table extras you can unlock during gameplay, and there’s enough ramps, bumpers, and alleys to keep your flipper fingers busy. Not to sound bias, but I enjoyed the Aliens table the most, not only because it’s one of my all-time favorite movies, but because the table also felt the most balanced out of the three. Nothing against the other two as I’m a huge Predator fan (and an even bigger one of the Alien vs Predator series), but the table felt a little basic and the Isolation one felt a little cramped and difficult to play through.

Each table also features awesome animations, characters on the stage and sound clips that are both from the titles they’re based on along with some newer stuff added in. Going back to that Aliens table, I loved having an animated Ripley character at the top of the stage along with the classic line from the movie in which she only agrees to join the mission if they’re going to kill all of the aliens and not try to research or study them. And the table wouldn’t be complete without Bill Paxton’s infamous “It’s Game Over man!” line when the game is actually over. It’s touches like these that make the series such a blast to play, as the animations and sounds kept making me want to come back for more.

If you love Aliens, Predators and Pinball (oh my!), you can’t go wrong with Zen Pinball 2: Aliens vs. Pinball. Featuring three tables that will test your flipper skills along with awesome animations and sounds that’ll make you want to keep trying at getting the high score, this is some pinball action that’s the best fun this side of Ripley’s power loader.

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