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Youtubers Life OMG!
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Youtubers Life OMG!

Fans of The Sims and the popular streaming service will want to subscribe to this title.

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Like most people, I got hooked on The Sims back in the day when it was released but haven’t played much of it lately. I have played a few games that are like it though, and the latest one is U-Play Online’s Youtubers Life OMG! that comes off as a more laid back version of the hit micromanaging title that’s sure to pull in fans  and those aspiring to be a YouTube star.

After creating your own custom character, you’ll get to select from gaming, cooking, or music to pursue your dream of becoming a streaming video star. Of course it’s not all fun and games as you’ll have to micromanage your character’s life of taking care of themselves, spending time with family and friends, and edit and stream videos. Depending on which career you choose, you’ll also have to work on getting better equipment for playing games and editing your videos, or come up with new recipes or music for your followers in order to gain even more of them and rise to the top.

This will prove to be a nice challenge as you start off with limited funds and have schoolwork to attend to in your daily life. But if you manage your money and time well, you’ll soon reach the big leagues where you can hire people to take care of all the small things needed to keep your channel going so you can focus on making cool videos and grabbing more fans.

I found myself really getting into this game as I love taking characters that I create and trying to make them be the best they can be against overwhelming odds and all that. But sadly it’s not without faults, especially how the game screams “low budget” on all fronts. The graphics while cute and cartoon-like look low-res and a bit unpolished most times, as though ported from a mobile game. Then there’s the cumbersome controls and user interface that seem to fight against you with unresponsiveness that make even the simplest of tasks such as moving your character a hassle. Then there’s typos and so-so music that quickly becomes repetitive (the character creation music is on a short repeat loop that will drive you crazy if you’re not careful) that makes you question the QA (or lack of) of the final product.

While it does have flaws that will keep some from fully enjoying it, Youtubers Life OMG! is still a fun experience if only just to take an underdog character you make and watch them rise to the top of the popular streaming service. Here’s hoping they’ll fix the wonky controls and overall presentation sometime soon with a patch or two, but if you can look past its faults and love titles such as The Sims, you just might find yourself streaming this game about streaming in your own stream.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell