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A fast-paced runner/puzzler for the hardcore, masochist gamer.

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I already knew I was getting into something when I decided to review Shawn Beck Games’ Velocibox. Looking at its gameplay footage, it comes off as a fast-paced and fun runner/puzzler title for the PS4 and Vita. What makes it seem fun is also its fatal flaw, it’s so fast and difficult, only masochistic, hardcore gamers need apply.

The plot of the game is deceptively simple, you navigate a cube through a tunnel filled with obstacles while moving either left or right to dodge them. You can also flip the arena around with the tap of a button, changing your view of the oncoming obstacles.Of course this isn’t easy since you lose if you touch any of them, all while trying to avoid the obstacles as you move at breakneck speed. To make things even tougher, in order to move on seamlessly to the next level, you’ll need to collect six small cylinders that are placed in very difficult spots to reach as you’re speeding.

Most would be tempted to say Velocibox is a sadistic game, one that is stupidly difficult and near impossible to play. Most would be correct in that case, but despite those things the game has a addictive aspect to it. Everyone knows what I’m talking about too, the whole “I know I can get pass this part, just let me try one more time” thing. I would say that’s the only thing this title has going for it (hence my “Yay’ rating that borders on really being a “Nay”), unless you’re a hardcore masochist that enjoys playing controller-flinging difficult games. If so, then you’re in luck here, and there’s online leaderboards to allow you to see how you fare against other players who are undoubtedly ripping their hair out as you soon will be.

In the end, Velocibox is simple, addictive, but impossibly difficult for most video gamers out there. If you enjoy torturing yourself by playing games that will force you to lose over and over for hours on end, while pushing your skills and reaction times to the limit and beyond, then this is for you. Everyone else will want to stay clear of this speed demon.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell