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Tropico 6
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Tropico 6

City building fans will want to travel to this tropical paradise.

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It’s been a bit since I’ve checked out any simulation games (the last being Cities XL), so it was about time to dive back into the genre with Tropico 6. I have to admit that Limbic Entertainment put together a solid project here, as there’s more than enough zany humor and strategic city building here to keep fans coming back for more.

You take the role of El Presidente, the head honcho of their own island nation that’s in development. It’s up to you to decide what kind of leader you will be, whether it’s a kind and just one that looks after the people and their well-being, or you can just be a dictator and tax everyone to death, kill whoever disagrees with your actions, and just do whatever you want. Whatever the case may be, you’ll have a pretty good time doing so in Tropico 6.

It won’t be easy though, as with everything in life, you’ll need to keep some sort of balance with your people’s happiness levels. This is reflected by which buildings and structures you lay down, as different ones will affect crime, pollution, and more. Then you’ll also have to keep the peace with different factions which also have an influence on you and your people, such as the royalists and revolutionaries where you’ll eventually have choose a side to stick with and grow upon. This is where some of the wacky humor that the series is known for comes into play, as you can tell one side one thing and do another, such as build something in their honor to only tear it down moments later.

This will of course cause friction between the different groups, but it is pretty fun and humorous to keep them distracted as you work on whatever suits your fancy. You’ll find yourself with plenty to do throughout the campaign mode with fifteen levels to work and play through, as they’ll each have different goals and rules to abide by. While I was able to work through the UI after messing around for awhile, it can be a bit troublesome at times as it’s not exactly user-friendly. The graphics, while serviceable, are fairly plain and don’t do a lot to impress, but they get the job done as does the music and sounds.

Tropico 6 just might be one of the most fun and crazy simulation titles I’ve ever played, as it’s one of those games you have to play it to see just how wacky it is. It’s only available for the PC for now, with consoles coming in late summer, but under all of the zaniness though, there’s solid gameplay and plenty to do that should keep fans flocking back to this paradise of fun.

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